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Meta Quest 2 is a VR headset. According to Wikipedia, "Meta Quest 2 (initially sold as Oculus Quest 2) is a virtual reality (VR) headset developed by Meta Platforms (formerly Facebook, Inc.). It was unveiled on September 16, 2020 and released on October 13. As with its predecessor, the Oculus Quest, the Quest 2 can run as either a standalone headset with an internal, Android-based operating system, or with Oculus Rift-compatible VR software running on a desktop computer. "


Overall, the online documentation is very confusing, also because the help is mixed up with the store and it's not clear what app to use (e.g. the occulus app on the PC vs the Chrome-based web browser). Some information (as of Jan 2023) does seem to be out of date.


There is tutorial app installed. Do it first.

  • Menu to the right
  • Somewhere in the list, e.g. top in the picture.

Software on other devices

Install software on both smartphone and PC. It allows configuring and buying software but also other operations.

Taking and retrieving pictures

Connect the headset with a USB 2 cable to the computer.

  • Put up the headset and give permission in the headset (a popup will show)
  • In principle, the headset will appear as a drive, i.e. phone or camera. You then can copy from the "pictures" folder

Alternatively, in the headset, press both the occulus button and the trigger for about a second in order to take a picture. You can then send one by one to your mobile phone app by selecting a picture in the file viewer. However, the pictures are very difficult to find in the phone app.

Casting what you see in the headset on a PC

On the PC Side

As of dec 26, 2022 the instructions are wrong or incomplete.

In the headset

  • Go to the universal menu, by pressing the small little occulus button if necessary
  • Select Camera in the menu bar (not settings !)
  • Then, press casting
  • Select the PC

Casting what you see in the headset on a Mobile phone

On the mobile phone side

  • Open Menu -> Casing

In the headset

(as above for PC).

Using the headset with glasses

There is enough space for some glasses:

  • Glasses must not exceed a certain size, i.e. typical 70ies glasses will not fit
  • You should add a spacer

A better solution is to buy addons for prescription glasses. We tested [ VRWave]. Glasses were delivered from china in less than a week and they do work. In order to get the right glasses, following information must be provided: Right/left correction plus right/left

Below is an example from my eyes: I am short sighted (cannot see far), so SPH values are negative. You cannot get progressive glasses to correct presbyopic eyes, but these are not needed imho. You also need values for astigmatism (CYL + AXS). If CYL is zero you don't need AXS.

RIGHT SPH: - 5.00
RIGHT AXS: 180 or 0
LEFT SPH: - 5.50
LEFT CYL: + 0.75
IPD: 60

IPD is the distance between center of your pupils. You can download and app on the mobile phone to measure this. I got "Pupil Distance PD Glassses & VR".