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Rules that we have to apply in order to fight spammers:

  • No spamming of any sort is tolerated, We refuse entries that are not related to educational technology and related subject matters!
  • In most countries spamming is not allowed, legal action can be taken quite easily and fines can be substantial. In addition, we implement "No follow". Google will not boost any external link.
  • You must choose a meaningful user name, e.g. FirstName.LastName or InitialLastname. User names that seem to be generated by scripts will be immediately deleted.
  • In addition, you immediately must provide some information about yourself in the user page. You can find the link on top (in red next to a "human" icon". Provide some minimal information: E.g. "N Lopez, student at XXX" or "C Carl, independent software developer".
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  • Finally, before you create an account, you should know that each edit also will require solving a captcha. In addition, we got a large blacklist of stop words and we also automatically ban users from known spamming sites.
  • Again, we strongly suggest that users also provide some kind of real world identification in their home page, since we delete all user names that look like accounts created with the purpose of spamming.

Regular authors

  • Once you created your user page and made a meaningful contribution you are moved into an "author group", i.e. you won't have any captchas to solve. Send us a mail if doesn't happen.
  • See also the Editing Rules and privacy policy.