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mBlock is available on the web, Windows, macOS, Android and iOS versions. The web, Windows and macOS versions require mLink to connect to devices.
Block programming (web)
Python programming (web)
The web version of mBlock is always the latest version, and might contain blocks that are not available in desktop version. The web version will let you update to that latest firmware versions, while the desktop version may not.

Block editor

Python Editor

mBlock Python Editor Help Hub on Makeblock
mBlock-Python Editor Online Help
Unlike the block editor, the Python Editor requires mLink to be running, even if no devices are connected.

Known Issues

Display issues

In the Python editor, if you're encountering display issues such as text flashing or the cursor not being in right place, try the following:

  • Refresh the page - this usually fixes the cursor being in the wrong place after changing the font size
  • (web only) Make sure that the page is not being automatically translated. Browser extensions such as Google Translate can cause text flickering as the page is being automatically translated from Chinese. Instead of using automatic translation, change the Python's editor language from the menu bar.

Uploading errors

If you're encountering uploading errors here are few things to try:

  • Make sure your device is connected and turned on
  • Update your device's firmware
  • If you're using the block and web version of mBlock, check the Python or Arduino code for errors. The web version is often updated and sometimes bugs in the block to code interpreter might be causing issues (e.g. with quotations ").�If that's the case, you can try using the desktop version of mBlock. Just beware that the desktop version might not have the same blocks as the web version.


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