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Makerbit is

Quote: “The MakerBit does for school projects what HyperStudio did for hypermedia: it makes it possible for everyone, regardless of age and experience, to use digital media in the most creative and innovative ways to enhance learning and enjoyment of the process” Makebit home page, retrieved october 22 2019

The system has three parts (cited and summerized from How it works)

  • The the MakerBit board, a bridge between the digital and the BBC micro:bit and digital media, and the physical world of sensors, actuators, and student projects. Typically, learners can build interactive physical posterboards
  • For "smart car" robotics projects, and advanced experimentation and invention, the MakerBit+R board provides the most versatile and efficient platform for the micro:bit available. On the micro:bit is the MakerBit Program which recognizes the 12 touch sensors of the MakerBit board.
  • The MakerBit Media Linker app is the 3rd part, and interconnects digital media on a Chromebook, Mac or Windows device running the Chrome browser, with a physical project.

Creating posterboards with digital media

See Volcano Postboard slides

Makebit posterboards
Makebit posterboards
Makebit posterboards

Using the Chrome Microbit media linker plugin

See Linking youtube models

coding with MakeCode

See Coding with the MakerBit & MakeCode

Use MakeCode for Microbit