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[Libre Office] is an office suite.


Draw is a fairly good drawing program from which you can export to SVG. We use it sometimes to draw figures for this wiki.

Below a few tips

Canvas size:

  • Select appropriate fonts and Canevas size in advance, it will allow creating figures that fit well. E.g. use 18 x 18 cm
Menu Format -> Page

Set default values for colors and fonts:

  • Hit F11
  • Right-click on Default (very first item), then change fill colors and font (Area, Font tab)
  • We suggest to use a sans-seritf 10 pt font.
  • Tick "word wrap text in shape" (Text tab)

Libre office Writer as wiki authoring tools

Linux versions only have an extension that allows exporting to mediawiki code. The result is not great, but acceptable for simple text. It could not handle a large document I also tested (the program aborts). Also, the pictures are not exported.

Under Ubuntu (last tested in Feb 2019)

sudo apt-get install libreoffice-wiki-publisher


  • File -> Export
  • Select Mediawiki (.txt)

It is also possible to export mediawiki articles as libre office (ODT) format, using mediawiki2latex. You can install your own command line and local server if you want.