Lego-compatible marble run

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Lego-compatible marble run is a an extension to doblo factory to create small or huge Duplo- and Lego-compatible marble runs. Note: Doblos are neither Legos nor Duplos but are somewhat compatible. You can print just one, several or all components and then play at marble run construction, using your LEGO or DUPLO or other compatible blocks.




Dishes and cones

Working with flex tracks

There are two sorts of flex tracks,

  1. Easily bendable ones that should be printed with PETG or similar. They are somewhat fragile, i.e. can break.
  2. Deformables with heat. Use a heat gun (but be careful not to melt it down) or a hair dryer at full power. To heat up PETG for bending, blow for a minute or more with a hair dryer.