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  • In the context of this wiki, this entry refers to lecturing in higher education (1 teacher plus many students).

Lecturing is not just content delivery:

We also should make a distinction between lecturing as "telling" (i.e. as pedagogic method of presentation) to be combined with other methods and lecturing as global pedagogic strategy and that includes exhibits, demonstrations, question/response interactions, small student activities, etc.

See also:

Instructional design models for lecturing

sorry for the moment we don't present any specific models for lecturing in lecture halls, but some of the links below do !



See also: Computer-integrated_classroom. There exist tools to make lecturing with many students more interactive.

  • Presentation software (all sorts, e.g. powerpoint)
  • Interactive demonstrations with software (e.g. simulations)
  • Voting and question management systems (via student's notebooks and mobile devices)
  • Overlay techniques, e.g. with a whiteboard or a tablet PC
    • Teacher uses "half-baked" teaching materials and adds things
    • Teacher can blend in student contributions (votes, questions, etc.)


  • Lecturing Effectively - Chapter 7 from Florida State University Guide to Teaching and Learning Practices.
  • Lecturing] Vanderbilt Center for Teaching has a few links


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