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1 Introduction

Knowledge Practices Environment (KPE) “is designed to support collaborative knowledge creation processes (i.e. trialogical inquiry) by providing a shared knowledge space with tools for developing, commenting, and managing knowledge artefacts, as well as organizing knowledge creation processes and social collaboration around them.” (Knowledge Practices Environment (KPE), retrieved Jan 7 2013).

2 Description of the tool

“KPE includes a set of tools (e.g. real-time and history based awareness , wiki, note editor, commenting, chat, semantic tagging and semantic search) for working with the shared knowledge objects. Various tools and functionalities are highly integrated in the basick views to enable versatile and flexible creation, connection, organization and reflection of the material in shared spaces.” (Knowledge Practices Environment (KPE), retrieved Jan 7 2013.)

A list of the tools in the environment is available KP-Environment Tools of the KPE help wiki.

The system is available online in principle, but the project seems to be dead...

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4 Bibliography

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