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Keeboo (or Keebook) is an commercial portfolio application to manage and exchange different files combined in one "book". It's a local MS exe application that integrates MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Paint and Adobe Acrobat. Vendor: Keeboo

Supported formats

  • HTML
  • txt
  • word, excel, ppt
  • pdf
  • gif, jpg, png
  • avi, mid, mpg, mp3, QuickTime, Wav


Educational version (september 2006) Licence: 39 Euro/machine Update 19.50 Euro/machine

Test and screeshots

Keebook porposes three version: educational, pro and home Education version and Pro version were donwloaded and tested. But there were no significant differences between Pro and Educational remarked.

First thing to do: create a new book: Livre un.jpg

The book can be shown in double-pages or in full-page (content created with word and with paint):

Lvire double pages.jpg

It is possible to create new documents (text, word, excel, bitamp, ppt) in the book - or to include existing doucments:

Nouveau doc.jpg

The format PPT (Powerpoint) creates problems:

Insert ppt.jpg

The books can be classified and arranged in the library:

Vue bibliotheque.jpg

The library with the selected book (view "lutrin"):

Vue lutrin.jpg

Keebook comes with three books configured: "research"(with a google-page) , "utilities"(with garbache) and "favorits"

Liv sys recherche.jpg

Keebook alows to publish the book in two formats:

  • as keebook.exe file (readable only by a keebook-installation)
  • and as a html-bundle

thees two formats can be

  • send by e-mail
  • or published directly on a web-server

Public mail html.jpg

Keebook creates a html-package with all files and images for a hole web-page-animation: (here as a preview, because the web-publication caused problems)

Web anim pages.jpg

The transformation of the book into HTML failes for PPT- and PDF-files:

Previs ppt pdf.jpg


Keebook offers the possibility to work with different formats (word, pdf, images etc) in one environment.

This application needs to know how to use other applications like Word, Excel, Paint, Internet-Browsers, Adope Acrobat Reader.

Keebook offers the possibility to export de whole book in a full functionally front-end HTML-web-package – but these functionality is not on the top yet!

The functionalities for communication and collaboration are poor: It's possible to e-mail the book or to publish the book on the web. There is no functionality to work together on a document – you have to send and send-back the whole book!

Keebook is for single-users with a good MS-Office-background.