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1 Introduction

In french: "presse de transfert", "presse thermique", "presse à chaud". In german: transferpresse, hitze presse, textilpresse

We just ordered a Ricoo T538B heat press and will report once it arrives. The model gets decent enough reviews in various places, e.g. the price/quality+functionality relationship seems to be OK.

If you live in Europe, buying in Germany is probably cheaper. E.g. a same model was 300 on the german and 500 on the french Amazon. Most cheaper models seem to have small problems identified in various online reviews. A good German make cannot be found under 600 Euros.

Other models I had a look at: Low end (with hopefully acceptable quality)

  • Craftpress $295.00
  • Fenta Pink Hobbypress 270 CHF (30 x 23cm swivel model)
  • Fenta Pink-Press, 360 CHF
  • Krativegewerbe.dh - 38 x 38 cm Swivelling transfer press, 360 Euros (looks like the Ricoo T438)
  • Hobbysqueezy, 250 Euros to 400 CHF (30 x 22cm), full opening, but no timer.
  • Profisqueezy, 38 x 38cm, 400 Euros
  • Ridgeyard 166 Euros (Amazon.fr)
  • HobbyCut AA1-S (230 - 280 €), e.g. from airbrush
  • Hyppypress
  • Happypress 3. 30 x 21cm, (340 Euros)
  • Ricoo Powerdwarf, 300x23 cm, Swivel, 260 Euros
  • Ricoo T538-TB (340 €)
  • Ricoo T438M (300 to 500 Euros !)

Mid end

  • Secabo TC2 (23 x 33cm), 435 Euros
  • Secabo C2 (38 x 38 cm), 350 Euros
  • Secabo TC5 (38 x 38), 610 Euros.
  • Hotronix Digital Clam, $950$

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