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1 Definition

The HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is a simple markup language used to createhypertext documents that are portable from one platform to another. It is the publishing language of the World Wide Web (WWW). HTML documents are SGML documents with generic semantics that are appropriate for representing information from a wide range of applications. XHTML documents are XML documents and you should start coding in XHTML (this page needs some tutorials on XHTML, but since there are so many indexes, you'll have to wait maybe forever).

This is a simple links page. There are related subjects in this wiki:

2 Documentation

2.1 Manuals & Short References


2.2 Specifications


See Document Object Model

3 FAQ's

4 Tutorials

4.1 XHTML Tutorials

4.2 Interactive XHTML Tutorials

  • htmlPlayground. You try, modify code and lookup explanation for each element and attribute.

4.3 Interactive HTML Tutorials

4.4 HTML 4x Tutorials

5 Introductions and Tutorials on specialized topics

5.1 Style sheets and fonts

5.2 Icons/Graphics

See also in this wiki

5.3 Characters & Entities

See: Character encoding

Note: instead of using old-style entities you should define a character set, a much more simple strategy.

5.4 URL encoding

  • URL Encoding (or what are those "%20" codes in URLs?') by Brian Wilson

5.5 Colors

5.6 Frames

(don't use frames, because it destroys the idea of the URL, something you can link to)

5.7 HTTP

5.8 Meta Tags

See also RDF


See DHTML (a short tutorial in this wiki)

5.10 Mobile Devices

6 Tools / Software

(only some, some maybe outdated)

6.1 Validation and Syntax correction

6.2 HTML Editors

6.3 Filter software

  • Word to HTML. "Save as HTML" in Word leads to "difficult" HTML and it may be useful to get some filter software. However, this section needs updating ....
    • Logictran RTF Converter (Html and XML). Probably the best tool, goes back to the well known rtf2html 2.7.5 by Chris Hector and rtftoweb 1.6 by Christian Bolik of which we seem to have a copy (inexpensive payware)
    • Xtreme Rtrf2Html (FreeWare, dead ???)

7 Various articles of interest

8 Websites and resource pages

Web Master sites (various)

.... there exist many more

Technology sites (that include HTML-related stuff)
General technology news

.... there exist many more

Online Mags