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The Project

Forma Lms is an open-source, web-based elearning platform (learning management system - LMS), used to manage and deliver online training courses.

It's based on a network of companies that support its development and it's focused on corporate training needs, rather than on academic needs as many other open-source projects.

The project behind Forma Lms was born in 2012: the application itself was born from a previous, existing LMS (Docebo Open Source 4.05) thanks to the efforts of several partners (Elearnit, Joint Tech, Purple Network) that believed in the possibility of creating a new product, particularly for companies that are interested in a powerful, customizable and scalable application over which they can have full control.

Therefore, if you currently run Docebo Open Source 3x or 4x, you can easily and seamlessly update your installation.

The business model is "stakeholder-driven": development is driven by the partner network following the needs of their customer base (mainly made of large companies), and working in continuous synergy with the community of users, considered as an active member of the partnership.


  • Nice and engaging user interface
  • Complete elearning features
  • Scorm 2004
  • Outstanding report system
  • Flexible user management, with tree-like organization nodes, groups, custom fields,...
  • Integrated certificate system to create dynamic pdf certificates
  • Classroom management: not only elearning courses!
  • Ecommerce feature with paypal integration
  • Talent Management: Organize company roles, manage competencies, monitor your users growth with built-in skill gap analysis
  • White Label: manage different companyes or brands from the same installation
  • Docebo compatible: semlessly upgrade from any docebo open source platform