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This is part of the flash tutorials


Learning goals
  • Test your knowledge in simple animation, embedded movie clips and interactivity
Flash animation summary
Flash component button tutorial
Flash embedded movie clip tutorial
Some ActionScript, e.g. ActionScript 3 interactive objects tutorial to understand the examples towards the end.
Moving on
The Flash tutorials index has a list of other tutorials.
Level and target population
  • It aims at beginning Flash designers. Embedded movie clips are used in various other tutorials, but here we explain it a bit more systematically.
This text should technical people get going and may not be good enough for self-learning beginners. It can be used as handout in a "hands-on" class. That is what Daniel K. Schneider made it for...


Look at a possible solution first:

Solve the following problems:

  • Frame 1 (home): Buttons should not lead you to frame 1 (home), but to the various other keyframes. Also add your name.
  • Frame 2 (Sailing): (a) Play the tween animation of boat with the 'what's going on here' button. (b) BONUS Point: Create and play a motion animation of a plane.
  • Frame 3 (Driving): (a) Create an animation that will start moving the car from right to left and slightly forward too (i.e. keep it on the road). To animate the car edit the 'old car' symbol and make it a motion tween. Then link it to the what's going on here button (b) BONUS Point: Do something with the yellow car.
  • Frame 4 (Island): (a) Make the trees visible when the user clicks on the what's going on button. (b) BONUS point: Improve the frame-by-frame animation of the big tree.
  • Frame 5 (Rocket): (a) Write code that will launch the rocket. (b) BONUS: Do something with the snakes

Tip: For starters, you can navigate with the little button on top right. Do not edit layer one !

Now get the incomplete *.fla source file from here:


Instructions are also inside the *.fla file (play it):



Source *.fla: action-script-button-anim-solution.fla
HTML+SWF: action-script-button-anim-solution.html
Directory: http://tecfa.unige.ch/guides/flash/ex/action-script-3-intro/


This workthrough example has instructions embedded inside the fla file



http://tecfa.unige.ch/guides/flash/ex/exams2008/ (directory)