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Explode is a social search tool that lets you find others online irrespective of which network they are on, as well as those running their own sites and blogs.

It is a easy way to make connections, group these connections and interact with them either using your Explode profile or your own space somewhere else.

The idea is to break down the silos of activity that is occurring due to the rise of social networking - we want to make is easy to find people; the Internet is People and Explode emphasises this.

Explode tries to bring together different platforms and to create one personal environnement - in the idea of the Web 2.0 philosophy.

1 Features

  • Search : search on interests or for people by name
  • Collections : group people into your own collections
  • Nudges : send each collection a nudge. A nudge is a short note telling them what you are up to; asking a question etc
  • Profiles : create your own profil
  • Widgets: widgets which you can put on your site
  • Login: You can just login using your OpenID or your username from one of the following services: LiveJournal, VOX, AIM, Wordpress, TypeKey, PIP

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