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Terms of Service are fairly simple:

You hereby warrant that you will:

  • Stick to educational technology and related fields such as computing, education, psychology, sociology, citizen science, etc...
  • Provide Information about yourself that is true. It can be very short. If you want to keep some privacy you can for instance omit your first name or your last name.
  • Only create links to relevant contents

Notice with respect to commercial information :

  • Inserting information about products and services of interest in an appropriate context (e.g. in the links section of a relevant page) is allowed.
  • Creating pages in a neutral way that describe software and services of interest to educational technology and related fields is also allowed. Take Wikipedia guidelines as an example. No marketing waffle please !

Offenders will be blocked. Bad offenders (e.g. folks who create product pages that don't even have a remote connection to our wide range of acceptable topics) may be subject to legal action.

You also may consult:

- Daniel K. Schneider 21 February 2012 / updated December 12 2012 / october 2013.