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Edu-portfolio, is a learning e-portfolio created by Professor Thierry Karsenti and his collaborators at the Université de Montréal. is free for learners and educators at all levels for non-profit use.

1 Features

According to, the system has the following features:

  • User-friendlyness. Its affordable for a large audience and updating of information is simple process.
  • Flexiblity: can be used in kindergartens as well as in universities. This tool can be used by just about anybody in the education community.
  • Variety of content: Users can add almost a dozen different file types : text, images, audio files, video files, presentations, hyperlinks, and more. File types are automatically identified by icons displayed next to the submitted document.
  • Interactivity: Porfolio owners can interact with either email our a commenting function
  • Information exchange: RSS feeds support.
  • Simplified information search: Integrated search engine
  • Organization of contents: automatic generateration of an index (i.e. table of contents) of a portfolio's visible content.
  • Visual appeal: A wide range of presentation models is supported.
  • Permission system: Public, protected (password accessible to groups) and archived content (personal)
  • Transportable: Portfolio owners can go online and download their entire portfolio onto a USB drive, CD-ROM or other device, and present it offline.
  • Socioconstructivist potential: was developed with a sociocontructivist perspective and therefore implements sharing features
  • Educator interface: Educators will be able to create a portfolio for each of their students with just a few clicks and, access all of them on one Webpage, and more. (not yet publicly accessible)

2 Links

Edu-portfolio homepage.