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eXist is an XML database, retrieval engine and portalware. Features: XQuery, XUpdate, XML:DB API, xml-rpc support, REST support, WebDav, PHP API (needs dowloading from CVS), good Cocoon Integration, etc

1 Software

1.1 Libraries

(not tested !)

2 Links

  • eXist home page. Documentation and download links.

2.1 Manual

  • The only documentation we found are available through the eXist home page. As of nov 2007, the documentation wiki is dead (because of spam). Not sure when it will be back ...

2.2 Tutorials and introductions

Couldn't find much information on the web. Some is probably outdated - 19:31, 2 December 2007 (MET).

Wolfgang Meier (2006). In: Akmal B. Chaudri, Mario Jeckle, Erhard Rahm, Rainer Unland (Eds.): Web, Web-Services, and Database Systems. NODe 2002 Web- and Database-Related Workshops, Erfurt, Germany, October 2002. Springer LNCS Series, 2593.

2.3 XQuery sandboxes