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(maybe this should be treated in tutoring)


  • E-moderation - that process of managing the communication of others online (Coghlan, 2001).
  • The development and emergence of e-learning provides challenges for the providers of on-line courses in the development of effective pedagogy. A key facet to the emergent pedagogy is the role of the on-line tutor or e-moderator. (Brychan et al., 2004).
  • Seufert & Euler (2005) distinguish between e-tutoring, e-moderation and e-coaching. E-tutoring refers to helping students with exercises, e-moderation refers to organizing on-line group work, and e-coaching refers to coach students in more project-oriented designs. All of these are part of a modern view of tutoring.
  • E-Moderatoren haben die Aufgabe netzbasierte Kommunikations- und Interaktionsprozesse in Lerngrup-pen in Gang zu setzten, aufrecht zu erhalten und zu strukturieren. (Bett, 2004).

For a conceptual overview, see tutoring.

E-moderation-based instructional designs

See Salmon's e-moderation five-stage model



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