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This wiki page includes a reproduction of the E-Learning Glossary - English-French Glossary (Terminology Bulletin 251) that was produced by the Public Works and Government Services Canada ministry. “The E-Learning Glossary contains over a thousand specialized terms in each official language. These terms designate three sets of conceptual clusters. The first set covers educational practices, such as structure and delivery of knowledge, curriculum design, use of pedagogical tools, learning and teaching strategies. The second set deals with the players, namely learners, teachers, teachers' aids, service providers, content designers and developers. The third set covers the ways and means by which educational activities take place, including virtual and traditional universities and classrooms, audio- and video-conferences, cyberspaces, electronic bulletin boards, and online workstations.” (ARCHIVED E-Learning Glossary - Introduction

This glossary is no longer maintained and it is archived at http://www.bt-tb.tpsgc-pwgsc.gc.ca/btb.php?lang=eng&cont=328. Since it may disappear forever, we decided to publish a faithful copy of the glossary contents. According to Frequently Asked Questions (retrieved on Feb 18 2014), “Documents may be reproduced from the PWGSC Web site as long as they are reproduced accurately, credit is provided to the Department and there is no commercial/resale intent.”

We also made a copy of the French to English version fr:Lexique de l'apprentissage en ligne (Gouvernement du Canada, 2007)

Alphabetical index – E-Learning Glossary


English Français
accomplishment; successful completion accomplissement (n.m.); réalisation (n.f.)
achievement graph graphe de progression (n.m.); graphe de niveau (n.m.)
acquired knowledge; background knowledge; knowledge capital capital de savoirs (n.m.); capital de connaissances (n.m.); savoir acquis (n.m.); acquis (n.m.)
acquired knowledge validation; background knowledge validation validation des savoirs acquis (n.f.); validation des acquis (n.f.)
action-oriented scenario scénario orienté action (n.m.)
active diagnosis diagnostic actif (n.m.)
adaptable courseware; adaptive courseware didacticiel adaptatif (n.m.); didacticiel modifiable (n.m.)
adaptable software; adaptive software logiciel adaptatif (n.m.); logiciel modifiable (n.m.)
adaptive courseware
SEE adaptable courseware
adaptive software
SEE adaptable software
SEE Advanced Distributed Learning
administration of tests; test administration administration de tests (n.f.)
Advanced Distributed Learning; ADL projet d'apprentissage avancé réparti (n.m.); projet ADL (n.m.)
adviser conseiller (n.m.)
SEE audiographic learning
aha experience; ah-ah experience; ah-ha

experience; assumption-reversing experience; reversed-assumption experience; Light-Bulb experience; The-Penny-Dropped experience; Eureka

expérience aha (n.f.); expérience Ah ha! (n.f.); expérience eurêka (n.f.)
ah-ah experience
SEE aha experience
ah-ha experience
SEE aha experience
SEE audio learning
analogy-based learning; learning by analogy apprentissage par analogie (n.m.)
annotated practice exercice pratique commenté (n.m.)
answer compilation procedure procédure de compilation des réponses (n.f.)
answer key; scoring key; lay-over template; answer key card clé de correction (n.f.); barème de correction (n.m.); corrigé (n.m.)
answer key card
SEE answer key
apprenticeship learning; fail-and-practice learning apprentissage par la pratique (n.m.)
archived learning file fichier didactique archivé (n.m.)
artificial-feedback device; virtual-reality feedback device; VR feedback device dispositif à rétroaction virtuelle (n.m.); dispositif RV (n.m.)
artificial-reality engine; virtual-reality engine moteur de réalité virtuelle (n.m.); moteur RV (n.m.)
assessment criteria critères d'évaluation (n.m.plur.)
assessment item item d'évaluation (n.m.)
assignments; homework devoirs (n.m.plur.); travaux (n.m.plur.)
associative know-how; associative knowledge savoir associatif (n.m.); savoir-faire relationnel (n.m.)
associative knowledge
SEE associative know-how
associative learning apprentissage associatif (n.m.); apprentissage par association (n.m.)
assumption-reversing experience
SEE aha experience
asynchronous; asynchronous online; delayed-response; delayed-time asynchroné; différé; en différé
asynchronous BBS; asynchronous discussion board babillard asynchrone (n.m.); BBS asynchrone (n.m.)
asynchronous communication; delayed-response communication; delayed-time communication communication asynchrone (n.f.); communication à réponse différée (n.f.); communication en différé (n.f.)
asynchronous delivery; delayed-response delivery; delayed-time delivery livraison asynchrone (n.f.); livraison différée (n.f.); livraison en différé (n.f.)
asynchronous discussion board
SEE asynchronous BBS
asynchronous e-learning; asynchronous online

learning; delayed-interaction e-learning; delayed-response e-learning;

delayed-time online learning; asynchronous virtual learning
apprentissage asynchrone en ligne (n.m.); apprentissage virtuel asynchrone (n.m.); apprentissage en ligne à interaction différée (n.m.); apprentissage en ligne à réponse différée (n.m.)
asynchronous e-training; asynchronous virtual

training; delayed-interaction e-training; delayed-response online

training; delayed-time e-training; delayed-time online training
formation asynchrone en ligne (n.f.); formation en ligne à réponse différée (n.f.); formation différée en ligne (n.f.); formation différée en réseau (n.f.)
asynchronous interaction; delayed-response interaction; delayed-time interaction interaction asynchrone (n.f.); interaction en différé (n.f.); interaction différée (n.f.)
asynchronous learning apprentissage asynchrone (n.m.)
asynchronous online
SEE asynchronous
asynchronous online learning
SEE asynchronous e-learning
asynchronous online tutoring; asynchronous virtual tutoring; delayed-response virtual tutoring; delayed-time e-tutoring tutorat virtuel en différé (n.m.); tutorat asynchrone en ligne (n.m.)
asynchronous recording enregistrement asynchrone (n.m.)
asynchronous training formation asynchrone (n.f.)
asynchronous tutorial tutoriel asynchrone (n.m.)
asynchronous tutoring tutorat asynchrone (n.m.)
asynchronous virtual learning
SEE asynchronous e-learning
asynchronous virtual training
SEE asynchronous e-training
asynchronous virtual tutoring
SEE asynchronous online tutoring
asynchronous Web-based learning apprentissage asynchrone sur le Web (n.m.)
at-home career training; at-home training formation professionnelle à domicile (n.f.); formation à domicile (n.f.)
at-home training
SEE at-home career training
audio animatronics; audioanimatronics audio-animatronique (n.f.)
SEE audio animatronics
audioconference; audiographic conference audioconférence (n.f.); conférence audiographique (n.f.); audio (n.f.)
audioconference virtual class classe virtuelle en audioconférence (n.f.); classe virtuelle en audio (n.f.); classe virtuelle via audioconférence (n.f.)
audio e-mail; voice e-mail courriel vocal (n.m.)
audiographic conference
SEE audioconference
audiographic learning; AGL apprentissage audiographique (n.m.)
audio learning; AL apprentissage par l'audio (n.m.); audio-apprentissage (n.m.)
auditory visualization acoustique en relief (n.f.); visualisation par images acoustiques (n.f.)
authoring software tool; authoring tool outil logiciel auteur (n.m.); outil-auteur (n.m.)
authoring system système-auteur (n.m.)
authoring tool
SEE authoring software tool
authoring tool provider fournisseur d'outils-auteur (n.m.)
author-learner; author-student apprenant-auteur (n.m.); étudiant-concepteur (de son instruction) (n.m.)
SEE author-learner
author-teacher; course-designer teacher; course-designer instructor enseignant-concepteur (n.m.); enseignant-auteur (n.m.); pédagogue-concepteur (n.m.)
automated tutoring system; computer-based tutor; computerized tutor; computer tutor tuteur informatisé (n.m.); système tutoriel (n.m.)
autonomous learner; independent learner; self-directed learner; self-learner autodidacte (n.m.); apprenant autonome (n.m.)


English Français
background knowledge validation
SEE acquired knowledge validation
barf zone; cybersickness; virtual-reality sickness; VR sickness mal du virtuel (n.m.); cybermalaise (n.m.)
SEE Bulletin Board System
behavioural diagnosis diagnostic comportemental (n.m.)
behavioural training; soft-skills training formation comportementale (n.f.)
bite1; bite-sized content; chunk; content chunk; learning chunk; content nugget granule de contenu (n.m.); micromodule d'apprentissage (n.m.); pépite de contenu (n.f.)
bite2; bite-sized knowledge; nugget of knowledge; knowledge chunk module de savoir (n.m.); brique de connaissance (n.f.); grain de savoir (n.m.); microconnaissance (n.f.); micromodule de connaissance (n.m.); micrograin (n.m.); pépite de savoir (n.f.)
bite-sized content
SEE bite1
bite-sized knowledge
SEE bite2
blended course; integrated course; mixed online/offline course; onsite/online course cours hybride (n.m.); cours bimodal (n.m.); cours en distanciel/présentiel (n.m.)
blended learning; integrated learning;

clicks-and-bricks learning; clicks-and-mortar learning; mixed

online/offline learning; onsite/online learning
apprentissage hybride (n.m.); apprentissage bimodal (n.m.); apprentissage intégré (n.m.); apprentissage mixte (n.m.)
blended learning system; integrated learning system; ILS système d'enseignement en ligne et en différé (n.m.); système de téléenseignement mixte (n.m.)
blended training; mixed training; online/offline training; onsite/online training formation mixte présentielle/distancielle (n.f.); formation hybride (n.f.); mix-formation (n.f.)
blog; Web log; journal on the Web; Web diary journal intime en ligne (n.m.); entrefilet en ligne (n.m.)
blog author; blogger; online diarist; Web log author auteur en ligne (n.m.); diariste en ligne (n.m.); essayiste en ligne (n.m.)
SEE blog author
Bloom taxonomy taxonomie de Bloom (n.f.)
Bluetooth norme Bluetooth (n.f.); standard Bluetooth (n.m.); système Bluetooth (n.m.); Bluetooth (n.m.)
body language langage corporel (n.m.); para-langage (n.m.)
book; paper book; print book; p-book livre sur papier (n.m.); livre (n.m.)
bookmark directory
SEE electronic bookmark directory
booster training; higher-skill training formation d'appoint (n.f.)
bot; knowbot; knowledge robot; infobot; search robot; taskbot inforobot (n.m.); logiciel de référence (n.m.); moteur de balayage (n.m.); documentaliste électronique (n.m.)
brick-and-mortar world
SEE physical world
bricks-and-mortar education
SEE classroom instruction
bricks-and-mortar training
SEE classroom training
bricks-and-mortar university
SEE traditional university
bug catalogue; bug library; error catalogue catalogue d'erreurs (n.m.)
bug diagnosis diagnostic d'erreurs (n.m.)
bug library
SEE bug catalogue
building block bloc fonctionnel (n.m.)
Bulletin Board System; BBS; electronic BBS; electronic bulletin board; electronic billboard; conference board; discussion board; message board babillard électronique (n.m.); système de babillard électronique (n.m.); système BBS (n.m.); BBS (n.m.)
bundled software logiciel fourni (n.m.)


English Français
SEE off-the-shelf
CAQ assurance
SEE computer-aided quality asssurance
career development développement de carrière (n.m.)
case database
SEE case-study database
case-history library
SEE case library
case-history method
SEE case-method
case library; case-history library; stories-and-advice database casothèque (n.f.); bibliothèque de cas (n.f.)
case-method; case-history method; case-study method méthode des cas (n.f.); méthode d'étude des cas (n.f.)
case-study database; case database base d'études de cas (n.f.); base de cas (n.f.)
case-study method
SEE case-method
SEE computer-aided test
SEE computer-assisted training
SEE computer-assisted instruction
CBL environment
SEE computer-based learning environment
SEE computer-assisted training
CD-ROM book livre sur CD-ROM (n.m.)
CD-ROM course cours dispensé sur CD-ROM (n.m.); cours sur CD-ROM (n.m.)
SEE common essential learning
certification attestation d'études (n.f.)
certification system système d'attestation d'étude (n.m.)
charter school école à charte (n.f.); école sous charte (n.f.)
SEE Conversational Hypertext Access Technology
chat group; discussion group; electronic forum; newsgroup forum (n.m.); forum par courriel (n.m.); forum électronique (n.m.); groupe de discussion (n.m.)
chat line
SEE chat service
SEE IRC room
chat server
SEE IRC server
chat service; chat line service de messagerie en direct (n.m.); service de dialogue en ligne (n.m.)
chat session
SEE online CHAT session
SEE bite1
chunk-based learning
SEE object-based learning
chunk-based online course cours granulaire en ligne (n.m.); cours micromodulaire en ligne (n.m.)
chunking; content chunking granularisation du contenu (n.f.); granularisation (n.f.)
classroom coaching training formation d'instructeurs en classe (n.f.)
classroom exchange échange en salle de classe (n.m.); échange en classe (n.m.); échange en groupe de pairs (n.m.)
classroom instruction; traditional education; bricks-and-mortar education enseignement en classe (n.m.); enseignement en présentiel (n.m.); enseignement en présence (n.m.); enseignement traditionnel (n.m.)
classroom learning; c-learning; instructor-led learning apprentissage classique (n.m.); apprentissage avec professeur (n.m.); apprentissage avec instructeur (n.m.); apprentissage en classe (n.m.); apprentissage traditionnel (n.m.); apprentissage en présentiel (n.m.)
classroom training; c-training; bricks-and-mortar training; traditional training; instructor-led training; ILT formation avec instructeur (n.f.); formation présentielle (n.f.); formation en présentiel (n.f.); formation traditionnelle (n.f.); formation en salle de classe (n.f.)
SEE classroom learning
click-on map carte cliquable (n.f.)
clicks-and-bricks learning
SEE blended learning
clicks-and-mortar learning
SEE blended learning
SEE competency management centre
SEE instructor
SEE tutor1
coached self-training
SEE tutored self-training
coaching skills compétences pédagogiques (n.f.plur.)
coaching system système de pilotage (n.m.)
coaching training
SEE trainer training
coach training
SEE trainer training
cognitive conflict conflit cognitif (n.m.)
cognitive development développement cognitif (n.m.)
cognitive tool outil cognitif (n.m.)
collaborative e-learning; collaborative online learning; group e-learning apprentissage collaboratif en ligne (n.m.); approche collaborative de l'apprentissage en ligne (n.f.)
collaborative learning apprentissage collaboratif (n.m.); apprentissage mutualisé (n.m.)
collaborative online learning
SEE collaborative e-learning
collaborative software; groupware collecticiel (n.m.); logiciel de groupe de travail (n.m.); logiciel de groupe (n.m.)
collaborative training
SEE group training
college education; higher education éducation supérieure (n.f.)
combined empirical/analytical learning; constructive learning apprentissage constructif (n.m.)
common essential learning; CEL apprentissage essentiel commun (n.m.); AEC (n.m.)
common-practices group
SEE practice community
communication skills aptitudes à communiquer (n.f.plur.)
competency-based education; performance-based education éducation basée sur la compétence (n.f.)
competency developer développeur de compétences (n.m.)
competency development développement des compétences (n.m.)
competency management gestion des compétences (n.f.)
competency management centre; CMC module de gestion des compétences (n.m.); module CMC (n.m.)
competency profile profil de compétences (n.m.)
complex skills
SEE high-level skills
compressed video vidéo comprimée (n.f.)
compressed-video learning; CVL apprentissage par vidéo comprimée (n.m.)
computer-aided quality asssurance; CAQ assurance assurance qualité assistée par ordinateur (n.f.)
computer-aided test; CAT1 test assisté par ordinateur (n.m.)
computer-assisted instruction; CAI; computer-based learning; CBL enseignement informatisé (n.m.); apprentissage assisté par ordinateur (n.m.)
computer-assisted training; CAT2; computer-based training; CBT formation informatisée (n.f.); formation automatisée (n.f.); formation assistée par ordinateur (n.f.); FAO (n.f.)
computer-based learning
SEE computer-assisted instruction
computer-based learning environment; CBL environment environnement d'apprentissage informatisé (n.m.)
computer-based portfolio
SEE electronic portfolio
computer-based script
SEE computer-simulated situation
computer-based training
SEE computer-assisted training
computer-based tutor
SEE automated tutoring system
computer book; electronic book3; e-book3 livre électronique3 (n.m.); livre numérique (n.m.)
computer conferencing; desktop conferencing; virtual conferencing; virtual meeting conférence par ordinateur (n.f.); téléconférence par ordinateur (n.f.); conférence virtuelle (n.f.); cyberconférence (n.f.)
computer graphics technology technologie infographique (n.f.)
computerized tutor
SEE automated tutoring system
computer-simulated learning environment environnement d'apprentissage simulé par ordinateur (n.m.)
computer-simulated reality
SEE virtual reality
computer-simulated situation; computer-based script; script situation simulée par ordinateur (n.f.); script informatisé (n.m.); script (n.m.)
computer tutor
SEE automated tutoring system
concept map; conceptual map carte conceptuelle (n.f.)
conceptual map
SEE concept map
conference board
SEE Bulletin Board System
conscious knowledge; explicit knowledge savoir conceptualisé (n.m.); connaissance explicite (n.f.)
consequence-based tutoring tutorat axé sur les conséquences (n.m.)
constructive learning
SEE combined empirical/analytical learning
consultant firm; consulting firm; consulting company cabinet-conseil (n.m.); société d'experts-conseils (n.f.); maison d'experts-conseils (n.f.)
consulting company
SEE consultant firm
consulting firm
SEE consultant firm
content contenu(s) (n.m.)
content business; content industry industrie du contenu (n.f.)
content chunk
SEE bite1
content chunking
SEE chunking
content creator créateur de contenu(s) (n.m.)
content designer concepteur de contenu(s) (n.m.)
content-design team; content team équipe de conception de contenu(s) (n.f.); équipe de contenu (n.f.)
content developer éditeur de contenu(s) (n.m.)
content-driven information information axée sur le contenu (n.f.)
content industry
SEE content business
content item item de contenu (n.m.)
content library bibliothèque de contenus (n.f.)
content management gestion de contenu(s) (n.f.)
content manager gestionnaire de contenu(s) (n.m.)
content nugget
SEE bite1
content provider; content supplier fournisseur de contenu(s) (n.m.); offreur de contenu(s) (n.m.)
content specialist spécialiste de contenu (n.m.)
content supplier
SEE content provider
content team
SEE content-design team
content update mise à jour de contenu (n.f.)
content updating actualisation de contenu (n.f.); réactualisation de contenu (n.f.)
content vendor prestataire de contenu (n.m.)
context analysis analyse contextuelle (n.f.)
continuing education; continuous education; life-long education éducation permanente (n.f.); éducation continue (n.f.)
continuing professional development; CPD développement professionnel continu (n.m.)
continuing professional training formation professionnelle continue (n.f.)
continuing training; continuous training formation continue (n.f.); formation permanente (n.f.)
continuous education
SEE continuing education
continuous learning; life-long learning; lifelong learning apprentissage continu (n.m.); apprentissage permanent (n.m.)
continuous training
SEE continuing training
Conversational Hypertext Access Technology; CHAT; Internet chat; interactive talk; real-time conversation conversation interactive (n.f.); CHAT (n.m.); dialogue en ligne (n.m.); causerie (n.f.); discussion en temps réel (n.f.)
cooperative learning apprentissage coopératif (n.m.)
cooperative teaching enseignement coopératif (n.m.); pédagogie coopérative (n.f.)
cooperative teaching structure structure pédagogique coopérative (n.f.)
cooperative training formation coopérative (n.f.)
copresence; electronic copresence; virtual copresence coprésence (n.f.); coprésence électronique (n.f.); coprésence virtuelle (n.f.)
corporate education instruction d'entreprise (n.f.)
corporate e-learning market marché du cyberapprentissage d'entreprise (n.m.)
corporate e-training; online employee training; online corporate training cyberformation d'entreprise (n.f.); formation d'entreprise en ligne (n.f.)
corporate learning apprentissage d'entreprise (n.m.); instruction d'entreprise (n.m.)
corporate memory mémoire institutionnelle (n.f.)
corporate network
SEE intranet
corporate training formation d'entreprise (n.f.)
corporate university; industry university; in-house university université d'entreprise (n.f.); université d'industrie (n.f.)
corrective action; remedial action; remediation action corrective (n.f.); mesure corrective (n.f.)
cost-per-learner coût par apprenant (n.m.); coût/apprenant (n.m.)
course content contenu de cours (n.m.)
course-designer instructor
SEE author-teacher
course-designer teacher
SEE author-teacher
course evaluation évaluation de cours (n.f.)
courseware; educational software didacticiel (n.m.); logiciel éducatif (n.m.)
courseware content contenu de didacticiel (n.m.)
courseware design; educational software design conception de didacticiels (n.f.); conception de logiciels éducatifs (n.f.)
courseware editor éditeur de didacticiels (n.m.)
courseware interaction design conception de l'interaction didacticielle (n.f.)
courseware interaction designer
SEE interaction designer
courseware interface designer concepteur d'interface didacticielle (n.m.)
courseware library didacthèque (n.f.); bibliothèque de didacticiels (n.f.)
courseware storyboard design conception de story-boards didacticiels (n.f.)
SEE continuing professional development
credit-assignment system système de reconnaissance des acquis (n.m.)
criterion-referenced critériel (adj.); critérié (adj.); référé à un critère
critical score; cutting score; cutoff score; pass mark; passing grade note de passage (n.f.)
critique database; critique library base de corrigés (n.f.); bibliothèque de corrigés (n.f.)
critique library
SEE critique database
SEE classroom training
curricular goal but didactique (n.m.); objectif pédagogique (n.m.)
curriculum programme d'études (n.m.); programme éducatif (n.m.); curriculum (n.m.)
curriculum design design curriculaire (n.m.)
curriculum designer; curriculum design specialist concepteur de programmes d'études (n.m.)
curriculum design specialist
SEE curriculum designer
curriculum development élaboration de curriculum (n.f.); élaboration de programmes d'études (n.f.); développement curriculaire (n.m.)
custom-designed; customized; tailored personnalisé (adj.); sur mesure
custom-designed corporate training formation d'entreprise conçue sur mesure (n.f.)
custom-designed curriculum; customized curriculum programme d'études personnalisé (n.m.)
custom-designed education instruction personnalisée (n.f.); enseignement personnalisé (n.m.)
SEE custom-designed
customized curriculum
SEE custom-designed curriculum
customized e-learning session; tailored online learning session session d'apprentissage personnalisé en ligne (n.f.); session d'apprentissage virtuel sur mesure (n.f.)
customized learning; tailored learning apprentissage personnalisé (n.m.); apprentissage sur mesure (n.m.)
customized live online learning
SEE live customized e-learning
customized synchronous training formation synchrone personnalisée (n.f.)
customized training; custom training; made-to-measure training; tailored training formation à la carte (n.f.); formation personnalisée (n.f.); formation sur mesure (n.f.)
customized training path; tailored training path parcours de formation personnalisé (n.m.); parcours de formation sur mesure (n.m.)
customized tutoring; tailored tutoring; made-to-measure tutoring tutorat personnalisé (n.m.); tutorat sur mesure (n.m.)
customizing personnalisation (n.f.)
custom training
SEE customized training
cutoff score
SEE critical score
cutting score
SEE critical score
SEE compressed-video learning
SEE online
SEE cyberholic
SEE electronic book2
cyberholic; cyberaddict; netaholic; Net geek; Internet geek; turbo nerd; turbo geek accro du Net (n.m.); cyberdépendant (n.m.); cybermaniaque (n.m.); maniaque du Net (n.m.)
SEE electronic library2
SEE barf zone
cyberspace; cyberworld; Net space; virtual space cyberespace (n.m.); espace virtuel (n.m.); monde virtuel (n.m.); virtuel (n.m.)
cyberspace representation; virtualization; virtual-reality representation; VR realization; VR visualization représentation virtuelle (n.f.); virtualisation (n.f.)
SEE online teacher
SEE cyberspace


English Français
dataglove; sensor-laden glove; tactile glove; virtual-hand controller; VR glove; wired glove gant capteur (n.m.); gant électronique (n.m.); gant numérique (n.m.); gant tactile (n.m.)
datasuit; full-body suit; power suit combinaison RV (n.f.); costume de données (n.m.); vêtement cybernautique (n.m.)
decisional ability; decision-making capacity savoir-décider (n.m.)
decision-making capacity
SEE decisional ability
decision support aide à la décision (n.f.)
deductive learning
SEE learning by deduction
deep learning apprentissage en profondeur (n.m.)
delayed-interaction e-learning
SEE asynchronous e-learning
delayed-interaction e-training
SEE asynchronous e-training
SEE asynchronous
delayed-response communication
SEE asynchronous communication
delayed-response delivery
SEE asynchronous delivery
delayed-response e-learning
SEE asynchronous e-learning
delayed-response interaction
SEE asynchronous interaction
delayed-response online training
SEE asynchronous e-training
delayed-response virtual tutoring
SEE asynchronous online tutoring
SEE asynchronous
delayed-time communication
SEE asynchronous communication
delayed-time delivery
SEE asynchronous delivery
delayed-time e-training
SEE asynchronous e-training
delayed-time e-tutoring
SEE asynchronous online tutoring
delayed-time interaction
SEE asynchronous interaction
delayed-time online learning
SEE asynchronous e-learning
delayed-time online training
SEE asynchronous e-training
delivery of instruction transmission de l'enseignement (n.f.); prestation éducative (n.f.)
design/publication tool outil de conception/publication (n.m.)
desktop conferencing
SEE computer conferencing
development team équipe de développement (n.f.)
didactic material
SEE educational material
digital campus; electronic campus campus numérique (n.m.)
digital classroom
SEE electronic classroom
digital library
SEE electronic library1
digitization; digitizing numérisation (n.f.)
digitized content contenu numérisé (n.m.); contenu véhiculé numériquement (n.m.)
digitized library
SEE electronic library1
SEE digitization
directive tutoring tutorat directif (n.m.)
discovery-based learning; learning by discovery apprentissage par découverte (n.m.)
discreet coaching; hint-driven coaching; hint steering; unobtrusive coaching guidage discret (n.m.)
discussion board
SEE Bulletin Board System
discussion group
SEE chat group
discussion group moderator; forum moderator animateur de groupe de discussion (n.m.); animateur de forum de discussion (n.m.)
distance and open learning; distance open learning; open and distance learning; open distance learning; ODL apprentissage ouvert et à distance (n.m.); AOD (n.m.)
distance collaborative learning apprentissage collaboratif à distance (n.m.)
distance education; tele-education; teleteaching éducation à distance (n.f.); enseignement à distance (n.m.); téléenseignement (n.m.)
distance education technology; tele-education technology; teleteaching technology technologie de l'enseignement à distance (n.f.); technologie de l'éducation à distance (n.f.)
distance interaction interaction à distance (n.f.)
distance learning; telelearning apprentissage à distance (n.m.); téléapprentissage (n.m.); apprentissage distanciel (n.m.)
distance learning by e-mail; telelearning by e-mail apprentissage par courrier électronique (n.m.); apprentissage par courriel (n.m.)
distance learning portal; e-learning portal; online learning portal; learning portal portail de téléenseignement (n.m.); portail d'enseignement en ligne (n.m.); portail d'apprentissage à distance (n.m.)
distance learning professional; telelearning specialist spécialiste de l'enseignement à distance (n.m.); professionnel du téléenseignement (n.m.)
distance learning technique technique d'apprentissage à distance (n.f.)
distance learning with a teacher; supervised distance learning apprentissage tutoré à distance (n.m.); apprentissage à distance avec professeur (n.m.); télé-apprentissage avec intervention tutorale (n.m.)
distance learning without a teacher; unsupervised distance learning télé-apprentissage sans intervention tutorale (n.m.); apprentissage à distance sans professeur (n.m.)
distance open learning
SEE distance and open learning
distance open training; open distance training formation ouverte et à distance (n.f.); FOAD (n.f.)
distance self-learning; distance self-training auto-apprentissage à distance (n.m.); autodidaxie à distance (n.f.); autoformation à distance (n.f.)
distance self-training
SEE distance self-learning
distance training; teletraining formation à distance (n.f.); téléformation (n.f.); formation distancielle (n.f.)
distance training by e-mail
SEE training via electronic messaging
distance training platform; teletraining platform plate-forme de formation à distance (n.f.); plateforme de téléformation (n.f.)
distance training portal; e-training portal; online training portal portail de formation à distance (n.m.); portail de téléformation (n.m.); portail de formation en ligne (n.m.)
distance training technique technique de formation à distance (n.f.); technique de téléformation (n.f.)
distance tutoring; teletutoring télétutorat (n.m.); tutorat à distance (n.m.)
distance university télé-université (n.f.)
distant training site lieu de téléformation (n.m.); site de formation éloigné (n.m.); lieu de formation éloigné (n.m.)
distributed learning apprentissage échelonné (n.m.); apprentissage réparti (n.m.)
distributed-learning environment; DLE environnement d'apprentissage réparti (n.m.); environnement logiciel DLE (n.m.); environnement DLE (n.m.)
SEE distributed-learning environment
doing-centred course cours axé sur le savoir-faire (n.m.)
doing-driven course cours pratique (n.m.)
doing-enhanced course cours enrichi d'exercices pratiques (n.m.)
doing test; know-how test test de savoir-faire (n.m.); test pratique (n.m.)
domain expert; domain specialist; subject matter expert; SME spécialiste de domaine (n.m.)
domain knowledge; subject-matter knowledge connaissance d'un domaine (n.f.)
domain specialist
SEE domain expert
drill-and-practice learning apprentissage par répétition (n.m.)
drill-and-practice library bibliothèque d'exercices et mises en situation (n.f.)
drill-and-practice module module exerciseur (n.m.)
drill-and-practice software
SEE exercise software
drop-out; dropout décrocheur (n.m)
SEE drop-out
dynamic knowledge; evolving knowledge savoir évolutif (n.m.); connaissances dynamiques (n.f.plur.)


English Français
SEE electronic book2
SEE explanation-based learning
SEE electronic-paper book
SEE electronic book2
SEE computer book
SEE online coaching
e-content generation; online content creation création de contenu(s) en ligne (n.m.)
educational adviser; educational counsellor; educational consultant conseiller en éducation (n.m.)
educational assessment évaluation pédagogique (n.f.)
educational CD-ROM; learning CD-ROM; training CD-ROM CD-ROM éducatif (n.m.); CD-ROM d'enseignement (n.m.); CD-ROM de formation (n.m.)
educational community communauté éducative (n.f.)
educational company
SEE educational enterprise
educational consultant
SEE educational adviser
educational content contenu éducatif (n.m.)
educational content design; instructional content design conception pédagogique (n.f.); conception de contenus pédagogiques (n.f.)
educational counsellor
SEE educational adviser
educational enterprise; educational company firme éducative (n.f.); entreprise éducative (n.f.)
educational game; educative game; instructional game jeu didactique (n.m.); jeu éducatif (n.m.)
educational infrastructure infrastructure éducative (n.f.)
educational institution institution d'enseignement (n.f.); institution éducative (n.f.)
educationalist; educationist; teaching specialist pédagogue (n.m.)
educational material; instructional material; didactic material; teaching material matériel didactique (n.m.); matériel pédagogique (n.m.)
educational model; instructional model; teaching model modèle éducationnel (n.m.)
educational multimedia service service multimédia éducatif (n.m.); service éducatif multimédia (n.m.)
educational online service service éducatif en ligne (n.m.)
educational organization établissement d'enseignement (n.m.); établissement éducatif (n.m.)
educational product produit éducatif (n.m.)
educational service
SEE education service
educational software
SEE courseware
educational software design
SEE courseware design
educational sponsoring; ES parrainage pédagogique (n.m.) [CAN]; sponsoring pédagogique (n.m.) [EUR]; SP (n.m.) [EUR]
educational standard norme éducative (n.f.)
educational technology
SEE education technology
educational tool outil d'éducation (n.m.); support éducatif (n.m.)
SEE educationalist
education professional professionnel de l'éducation (n.m.)
education service; educational service service éducatif (n.m.)
education specialist spécialiste en éducation (n.m.)
education technology; educational technology; instructional technology technologie éducative (n.f.); technologie pédagogique (n.f.)
educative game
SEE educational game
edutainment material matériel ludo-pédagogique (n.m.)
edutainment portal portail ludo-éducatif (n.m.); portail ludo-pédagogique (n.m.)
SEE electronic ink
SEE online instructor
e-learner; online learner apprenant en ligne (n.m.); e-apprenant (n.m.); cyberapprenant (n.m.)
SEE electronic learning
SEE electronic learning
e-learning architect
SEE electronic learning architect
e-learning community; online learning community communauté d'apprentissage en ligne (n.f.); communauté d'apprenants en ligne (n.f.)
e-learning company; e-learning enterprise entreprise d'enseignement en ligne (n.f.)
e-learning consulting service cabinet-conseil d'éducation en ligne (n.m.); service conseil d'enseignement virtuel (n.m.)
e-learning content provider; e-learning content supplier fournisseur de contenu pédagogique en ligne (n.m.)
e-learning content supplier
SEE e-learning content provider
e-learning content vendor prestataire de contenus pédagogiques en ligne (n.m.)
e-learning curriculum
SEE online learning curriculum
e-learning designer
SEE electronic learning architect
e-learning dropout rate taux d'abandon de l'apprentissage en ligne (n.m.)
e-learning engineering; online learning engineering génie pédagogique en ligne (n.m.); ingénierie pédagogique en ligne (n.f.)
e-learning enterprise
SEE e-learning company
e-learning environment; online learning environment environnement d'apprentissage en ligne (n.m.)
e-learning group; e-learning team cybergroupe d'apprentissage (n.m.); groupe d'apprentissage en ligne (n.m.); groupe d'apprentissage virtuel (n.m.)
e-learning hotline; e-training hotline ligne directe pédagogique (n.f.); ligne ouverte pédagogique (n.f.)
e-learning industry
SEE online education industry
e-learning market cybermarché de l'apprentissage (n.m.); marché du cyberapprentissage (n.m.); marché du e-apprentissage (n.m.)
e-learning media supports d'apprentissage en ligne (n.m.plur.)
e-learning module module d'apprentissage en ligne (n.m.)
e-learning networkability réseautage de cyberapprentissages (n.m.)
e-learning organization organisation d'éducation en ligne (n.f.)
e-learning platform
SEE electronic learning platform
e-learning platform editor; platform editor éditeur de plate-forme (d'apprentissage en ligne) (n.m.)
e-learning portal
SEE distance learning portal
e-learning program; online learning program programme d'apprentissage en ligne (n.m.); programme d'apprentissage sur Internet (n.m.)
e-learning reference portal; online learning reference portal portail de référence pour l'éducation en ligne (n.m.)
e-learning service provider; e-learning service supplier prestataire de services pédagogiques en ligne (n.m.)
e-learning service supplier
SEE e-learning service provider
e-learning software; virtual-classroom software logiciel d'enseignement virtuel (n.m.); logiciel d'apprentissage en ligne (n.m.)
e-learning team
SEE e-learning group
e-learning technique technique d'apprentissage en ligne (n.f.)
e-learning technology; electronic learning technology; new educational technology; NET; online learning technology technologie de l'apprentissage en ligne (n.f.); nouvelles technologies du cyberapprentissage (n.f.plur.)
electronic BBS
SEE Bulletin Board System
electronic billboard
SEE Bulletin Board System
electronic book1
SEE electronic-paper book
electronic book2; EB; e-book2; cyberbook; virtual book livre électronique (n.m.)2; cyberlivre (n.m.); livre virtuel (n.m.)
electronic book3
SEE computer book
electronic bookmark directory; bookmark directory répertoire de signets (n.m.)
electronic bulletin board
SEE Bulletin Board System
electronic campus
SEE digital campus
electronic classroom; digital classroom salle de classe électronique (n.f.); salle de classe numérique (n.f.)
electronic copresence
SEE copresence
electronic forum
SEE chat group
electronic ink; e-ink encre électronique (n.f.)
electronic learning; e-learning; elearning; online learning; virtual learning apprentissage en ligne (n.m.); cyberapprentissage (n.m.); apprentissage virtuel (n.m.); e-apprentissage (n.m.)
electronic learning architect; e-learning architect; e-learning designer concepteur de contenus d'apprentissage en ligne (n.m.); concepteur de contenus pédagogiques en ligne (n.m.)
electronic learning platform; e-learning platform; online learning platform plateforme d'apprentissage en ligne (n.f.); plate-forme de cyberenseignement (n.f.); plateforme d'apprentissage virtuel (n.f.)
electronic learning technology
SEE e-learning technology
electronic library1; e-library1; digital library; digitized library bibliothèque électronique (n.f.)1; bibliothèque numérique (n.f.); infothèque (n.f.)
electronic library2; e-library2; online library; cyberlibrary; virtual library bibliothèque électronique (n.f.)2; bibliothèque virtuelle (n.f.); bibliothèque en ligne (n.f.); cyberthèque (n.f.)
electronic mail; e-mail; email; strudel post courrier électronique (n.m.); courriel (n.m.); CE (n.m.)
electronic mentoring
SEE online mentoring
electronic messaging communication communication par messagerie électronique (n.f.)
electronic paper; e-paper papier électronique (n.m.)
electronic-paper book; electronic book1; e-paper book; e-book1 livre sur papier électronique (n.m.); livre électronique (n.m.)1
electronic performance support; EPS système électronique de soutien du rendement (n.m.); SESR (n.m.)
electronic portfolio; computer-based portfolio portfolio électronique (n.m.)
electronic schoolbag cartable électronique (n.m.)
electronic technology
SEE new-economy technology
electronic training; e-training; online training formation en ligne (n.f.); e-formation (n.f.); cyberformation (n.f.); formation électronique (n.f.)
electronic translation; e-translation traduction électronique (n.f.); e-traduction (n.f.)
electronic university
SEE virtual university
electronic work; e-work travail en ligne (n.m.); e-travail (n.m.)
SEE electronic library1
SEE electronic library2
SEE electronic mail
SEE electronic mail
e-mail asynchronous tutoring; e-mail delayed-response tutoring tutorat asynchrone par courriel (n.m.)
e-mailbot; embot; mailbot répondeur automatique de courriel (n.m.); gestionnaire automatique de courriel (n.m.)
e-mail delayed-response tutoring
SEE e-mail asynchronous tutoring
e-mail personal tutor; individual online tutor; personal e-mail tutor tuteur personnel disponible par courriel (n.m.); tuteur personnel accessible par courrier électronique (n.m.)
SEE e-mailbot
SEE online mentoring
emotional impact impact émotionnel (n.m.)
emotionality impressionnabilité (n.f.)
empirical learning apprentissage empirique (n.m.)
employability employabilité (n.f.)
employability skills compétences améliorant l'employabilité (n.f.plur.)
employee training; personnel training; staff training formation des employés (n.f.); formation des salariés (n.f.); formation du personnel (n.f.)
entry portal
SEE portal
SEE electronic paper
e-paper book
SEE electronic-paper book
SEE electronic performance support
error catalogue
SEE bug catalogue
error detection détection d'erreurs (n.f.)
SEE educational sponsoring
SEE online teacher
e-teaching environment environnement d'enseignement virtuel (n.m.); environnement d'enseignement en ligne (n.m.)
e-teaching industry industrie de l'enseignement virtuel (n.f.); industrie du cyberenseignement (n.f.); industrie de l'enseignement en ligne (n.f.)
e-teaching market marché de l'enseignement en ligne (n.m.); marché du cyberenseignement (n.m.); marché de l'enseignement virtuel (n.m.)
SEE new-economy technology
SEE online trainee
SEE online instructor
SEE electronic training
e-training consulting service service conseil de formation en ligne (n.m.)
e-training course; online training course cours de formation en ligne (n.m.)
e-training dissemination diffusion de formations en ligne (n.f.)
e-training hotline
SEE e-learning hotline
e-training industry industrie de la formation en ligne (n.f.)
e-training market; online training market marché de la formation en ligne (n.m.); marché de la cyberformation (n.m.)
e-training module module de formation en ligne (n.m.); module de cyberformation (n.m.)
e-training platform; online training platform plate-forme de formation en ligne (n.f.); plateforme d'e-formation (n.f.)
e-training portal
SEE distance training portal
e-training service provider; e-training service supplier fournisseur de services de formation en ligne (n.m.)
e-training service supplier
SEE e-training service provider
e-training service vendor prestataire de services de formation en ligne (n.m.)
SEE electronic translation
e-tutor; online tutor tuteur en ligne (n.m.); e-tuteur (n.m.)
e-tutorial; online tutorial; e-tutoring system système tutoriel en ligne (n.m.)
e-tutoring; online tutoring tutorat en ligne (n.m.)
e-tutoring system
SEE e-tutorial
SEE virtual university
Eureka experience
SEE aha experience
evolving knowledge
SEE dynamic knowledge
SEE electronic work
example-based learning; example-driven learning; learning by examples; instance-based learning apprentissage par exemples (n.m.); apprentissage à partir d'exemples (n.m.)
example-driven learning
SEE example-based learning
ex cathedra course
SEE lecture course
executive development program programme de développement des compétences en gestion (n.m.)
executive learning apprentissage pour cadres supérieurs (n.m.)
executive training; management training formation de cadres supérieurs (n.f.); formation de décideurs (n.f.); formation de gestionnaires (n.f.); formation au management (n.f.)
exercise software; drill-and-practice software exerciseur (n.m.); logiciel exerciseur (n.m.); didacticiel d'exercices (n.m.)
exercise tutoring module entraîneur aux exercices (n.m.); module tutoriel d'exercices (n.m.); tutoriel exerciseur (n.m.)
expectation failure déconvenue (n.f.); désappointement (n.m.)
experiential review session session de revue d'expériences (n.f.)
explanation-based learning; EBL apprentissage à partir d'explications (n.m.); apprentissage par explication (n.m.)
explicit knowledge
SEE conscious knowledge
exploration-based learning
SEE exploratory learning
exploratory learning; exploration-based learning apprentissage exploratoire (n.m.)
Extensible Markup Language; XML langage XML (n.m.); XML (n.m.)
extrinsic performance support soutien extrinsèque au rendement (n.m.)
extrinsic support soutien extrinsèque (n.m.)
eye-movement tracking; gaze tracking poursuite oculaire (n.f.); suivi du regard (n.m.)


English Français
face-to-face communication communication en face-à-face (n.f.)
face-to-face e-learning; face-to-face online learning; F2F e-learning; live online F2F learning; F2F videoconference e-learning apprentissage face-à-face virtuel (n.m.); apprentissage virtuel individualisé (n.m.); apprentissage individuel par visio (n.m.)
face-to-face e-tutoring session; F2F online

tutoring session; face-to-face videoconference tutoring session; F2F

videotutoring session; one-on-one videotutoring session
session individuelle de tutorat virtuel avec visio (n.f.); session individuelle de vidéotutorat synchrone (n.f.); face-à-face pédagogique virtuel (n.m.)
face-to-face interaction interaction en face-à-face (n.f.)
face-to-face learning; F2F learning apprentissage en face-à-face (n.m.)
face-to-face online learning
SEE face-to-face e-learning
face-to-face videoconference; F2F

videoconference; one-to-one videoconference; one-on-one videoconference;

person-to-person videoconference; P2P videoconference
vidéoconférence en face-à-face (n.f.); visioconférence en tête-à-tête (n.f.); face-à-face par visio (n.m.); tête-à-tête avec visio (n.m.)
face-to-face videoconference tutoring session
SEE face-to-face e-tutoring session
facilitation skills aptitudes de facilitateur (n.f.plur.)
fail-and-practice learning
SEE apprenticeship learning
fail-and-practice training formation par la pratique (n.f.)
failure-driven guidé par les échecs
failure-driven tutoring
SEE mistake tutoring
F2F e-learning
SEE face-to-face e-learning
F2F learning
SEE face-to-face learning
F2F online tutoring session
SEE face-to-face e-tutoring session
F2F videoconference
SEE face-to-face videoconference
F2F videoconference e-learning
SEE face-to-face e-learning
F2F videotutoring session
SEE face-to-face e-tutoring session
fixed knowledge
SEE nonincremental knowledge
flexible learning apprentissage flexible (n.m.)
flexible open and distance learning; flexible open distance learning; FOD learning apprentissage flexible, ouvert et à distance (n.m.); apprentissage FOD (n.m.)
flexible open and distance training; FOD training formation flexible, ouverte et à distance (n.f.); FFOD (n.f.)
flexible open distance learning
SEE flexible open and distance learning
flexible open training formation flexible ouverte (n.f.)
FOD learning
SEE flexible open and distance learning
FOD training
SEE flexible open and distance training
follow-up evaluation évaluation post-session (n.f.)
formal course
SEE lecture course
formal learning apprentissage formel (n.m.); apprentissage structuré (n.m.)
forum moderator
SEE discussion group moderator
free learning apprentissage libre (n.m.)
free software
SEE freeware
freeware; free software logiciel libre (n.m.); logiciel en libre accès (n.m.)
full-body suit
SEE datasuit
full-scale video-based simulation mise en situation entièrement par visio (n.f.)


English Français
gaze tracking
SEE eye-movement tracking
SEE technonerd
generic competencies
SEE generic skills
generic skills; generic competencies; soft skills compétences générales (n.f.plur.)
generic tutoring tutorat générique (n.m.); tutorat standard (n.m.); tutorat non personnalisé (n.m.)
geographical positioning system
SEE global positioning system
gestural communication communication gestuelle (n.f.)
gesture-sensing technology technologie de saisie gestuelle (n.f.)
SEE Global Information Infrastructure
Global Information Infrastructure; GII infrastructure informationnelle mondiale (n.f.)
global positioning system; geographical positioning system; GPS système mondial de positionnement (n.m.); système GPS (n.m.)
goal-based scenario scénario orienté but (n.m.)
SEE global positioning system
graphics design conception graphique (n.f.)
graphics software logiciel infographique (n.m.); logiciel graphique (n.m.)
graphics technology technologie graphique (n.f.)
group e-learning
SEE collaborative e-learning
group follow-up suivi de groupe (n.m.)
group-interaction simulation
SEE group-simulated situation
group learning; team learning apprentissage en groupe (n.m.); apprentissage collectif (n.m.); apprentissage en équipe (n.m.)
group-simulated situation; group-situation simulation; group-interaction simulation; group simulation mise en situation de groupe (n.f.)
group simulation
SEE group-simulated situation
group-situation simulation
SEE group-simulated situation
group training; collaborative training; team training formation en équipe (n.f.); formation en groupe (n.f.); formation collective (n.f.)
group tutoring tutorat en groupe (n.m.)
SEE collaborative software
group work; team work travail de groupe (n.m.); travail collectif (n.m.)
GROW model
SEE Whitmore's model
guided discovery learning apprentissage par découverte guidée (n.m.)
guided self-training
SEE tutored self-training
gut feeling; implicit knowledge; intuitive knowledge; nonconscious knowledge savoir intuitif (n.m.); connaissance implicite (n.f.)


English Français
hand holding accompagnement (n.m.)
hands-on experience expérience pratique (n.f.)
hands-on training
SEE in-service training
hardcore skills; hard skills compétences spécialisées (n.f.plur.)
hard skills
SEE hardcore skills
head mount
SEE helmet-mounted VR display
head-mounted display
SEE helmet-mounted VR display
head set
SEE helmet-mounted VR display
helmet-mounted VRD
SEE helmet-mounted VR display
helmet-mounted VR display; helmet-mounted VRD; head mount; head set; head-mounted display; HMD visiocasque (n.m.); afficheur de tête (n.m.); casque virtuel (n.m.); visière écran (n.f.)
heuristic knowledge connaissance heuristique (n.f.)
high-education services market marché des services d'éducation supérieure (n.m.)
higher education
SEE college education
higher-skill training
SEE booster training
high-level skills; complex skills hautes compétences professionnelles (n.f.plur.)
hint-driven coaching
SEE discreet coaching
hint steering
SEE discreet coaching
SEE helmet-mounted VR display
SEE assignments
SEE Hypertext Markup Language
human resources development développement des ressources humaines (n.m.)
SEE hypertext link
hypermedia environment environnement hypermédia (n.m.)
hypertext application hypertextualisation (n.f.)
hypertext link; hyperlink lien hypertexte (n.m.); hyperlien (n.m.)
Hypertext Markup Language; HTML langage hypertexte (n.m.); langage HTML (n.m.); HTML (n.m.)


English Français
ICQ; I-Seek-You software logiciel ICQ (n.m.)
SEE information and communications technologies
SEE integrated distributed learning environment
IKE network
SEE Information and Knowledge Exchange
SEE interactive-learning environment
illegal software copying reproduction illicite de logiciel (n.f.); copiage illégal de logiciel (n.m.)
SEE blended learning system
SEE classroom training
image-oriented scenario scénario orienté image (n.m.)
SEE live online
immediate-response interaction
SEE live online interaction
immersion display; immersive computer graphics; immersive graphics infographie immersive (n.f.); graphisme d'immersion (n.m.)
immersive computer graphics
SEE immersion display
immersive graphics
SEE immersion display
implicit knowledge
SEE gut feeling
improvisational skills aptitudes d'improvisation (n.f.plur.)
SEE Instructional Management System
independent learner
SEE autonomous learner
independent learning; independent study; self-directed learning; self-education; self-instruction; self-learning autoapprentissage (n.m.); autodidaxie (n.f.); auto-éducation (n.f.)
independent study
SEE independent learning
individualized approach approche individualisée (n.f.)
individualized training; just-for-me just-in-time training; JFM JIT training formation individualisée (n.f.); formation juste-pour-moi juste-à-temps (n.f.)
individualized tutoring tutorat individualisé (n.m.); tutorat à la carte (n.m.)
individual online tutor
SEE e-mail personal tutor
individual tutoring
SEE one-on-one tutoring
inductive learning
SEE learning by induction
industry-based training; in-industry training formation industrielle (n.f.); formation dans l'industrie (n.f.)
industry university
SEE corporate university
in-firm training
SEE in-house training
SEE bot
info highway
SEE information highway
information and communications technologies; ICT technologies de l'information et de la communication (n.f.plur.); TIC (n.f.plur.)
Information and Knowledge Exchange; IKE network réseau IKE (n.m.)
information highway; information superhighway; info highway; I-way inforoute (n.f.)
information structure; infostructure infostructure (n.f.)
information superhighway
SEE information highway
SEE information structure
in-house distance learning course cours intra-entreprise à distance (n.m.); cours interne à distance (n.m.)
in-house training; in-firm training; in-plant training; internal training formation interne (n.f.); formation intra-entreprise (n.f.); formation en entreprise (n.f.); formation intra-muros (n.f.)
in-house training manager; internal-training manager chargé de la formation maison (n.m.); gestionnaire de la formation interne (n.m.); responsable de la formation intra-entreprise (n.m.)
in-house training program; internal-training program programme de formation interne (n.m.); programme de formation maison (n.m.)
in-house university
SEE corporate university
in-industry training
SEE industry-based training
in-plant training
SEE in-house training
inquiry-promoting course; Socratic course cours socratique (n.m.)
inquiry teaching
SEE Socratic instruction
in-service training; on-the-job training; OJT; hands-on training; onsite training; training on the job; workplace training formation en cours d'emploi (n.f.); formation pratique (n.f.); formation sur le tas (n.f.); formation sur le lieu de travail (n.f.)
instance-based learning
SEE example-based learning
instant messaging messagerie instantanée (n.f.)
instructional content design
SEE educational content design
instructional designer concepteur d'apprentissage (n.m.); CA (n.m.)
instructional game
SEE educational game
Instructional Management System; IMS système de gestion de l'enseignement (n.m.); SGE (n.m.)
instructional material
SEE educational material
instructional model
SEE educational model
instructional sequence séquence pédagogique (n.f.)
instructional technology
SEE education technology
instructor; coach1 instructeur (n.m.); encadreur (n.m.)
instructor-led dirigé par instructeur; piloté par instructeur
instructor-led learning
SEE classroom learning
instructor-led training
SEE classroom training
instructor training program
SEE train-the-trainer program
integrated course
SEE blended course
integrated distributed learning environment; IDLE environnement d'apprentissage intégré réparti (n.m.)
integrated learning
SEE blended learning
integrated learning system
SEE blended learning system
intellectual capital; IC capital intellectuel (n.m.); CI (n.m.)
intelligent tutoring system; ITS système tutoriel intelligent (n.m.); tutoriel intelligent (n.m.); tuteur intelligent (n.m.)
interaction design conception d'interactions (n.f.)
interaction designer; courseware interaction designer concepteur d'interactions didacticielles (n.m.)
interactive content contenu interactif (n.m.)
interactive content localization; online content localization localisation de contenu en ligne (n.f.); localisation interactive de contenu (n.f.)
interactive image-oriented orienté images interactives
interactive information resources sources d'information interactives (n.f.plur.)
interactive learning apprentissage interactif (n.m.)
interactive-learning environment; ILE environnement d'apprentissage interactif (n.m.)
interactive media médias interactifs (n.m.plur.)
interactive multimedia application application multimédia interactive (n.f.)
interactive multimedia learning apprentissage multimédia interactif (n.m.); AMI (n.m.)
interactive multimedia learning system système d'apprentissage multimédia interactif (n.m.); SAMI (n.m.)
interactive online dialog dialogue interactif en ligne (n.m.)
interactive talk
SEE Conversational Hypertext Access Technology
interactive tutorial tutoriel interactif (n.m.)
interactive visual information information visuelle interactive (n.f.)
internalized knowledge savoir approprié (n.m.); connaissances assimilées (n.f.plur.)
internal training
SEE in-house training
internal-training manager
SEE in-house training manager
internal-training program
SEE in-house training program
Internet; Net Internet (n.m.); Net (n.m.); réseau Internet (n.m.)
Internet access provider; Internet service provider; ISP; network service provider fournisseur d'accès Internet (n.m.); FAI (n.m.); fournisseur de services Internet (n.m.); FSI (n.m.)
Internet application
SEE Internet-based application
Internet-based; Internet-delivered par Internet; sur Internet; dispensé sur Internet
Internet-based application; Internet application application Internet (n.f.)
Internet-based book livre sur Internet (n.m.)
Internet-based corporate training market marché de la formation d'entreprise par Internet (n.m.)
Internet-based course; Internet course; Internet-delivered course cours sur Internet (n.m.); cours disponible sur Internet (n.m.)
Internet-based education; Internet-delivered instruction enseignement par Internet (n.m.); enseignement dispensé sur Internet (n.m.); éducation par Internet (n.f.); instruction par Internet (n.f.)
Internet-based e-learning provider fournisseur didactique par Internet (n.m.)
Internet-based e-learning service vendor prestataire de services pédagogiques sur Internet (n.m.)
Internet-based e-learning system système d'apprentissage sur Internet (n.m.)
Internet-based learning; Internet-delivered learning apprentissage par Internet (n.m.); apprentissage sur Internet (n.m.)
Internet-based training; Internet-delivered training formation par Internet (n.f.); formation dispensée sur Internet (n.f.)
Internet chat
SEE Conversational Hypertext Access Technology
Internet community communauté des internautes (n.f.)
Internet course
SEE Internet-based course
SEE Internet-based
Internet-delivered course
SEE Internet-based course
Internet-delivered instruction
SEE Internet-based education
Internet-delivered learning
SEE Internet-based learning
Internet-delivered training
SEE Internet-based training
Internet-delivered translation traduction livrée sur Internet (n.f.)
Internet-enabled television télévision interactive via Internet (n.f.)
Internet geek
SEE cyberholic
Internet navigation; navigation; Net surfing; surfing navigation sur le Net (n.f.); surf sur l'Internet (n.m.) [EUR]; surfing (n.m.) [EUR]
Internet Relay Chat; IRC protocol protocole IRC (n.m.)
Internet Relay Chat session
SEE online CHAT session
Internet service provider
SEE Internet access provider
Internet video-mail; net v-mail courriel vidéo sur Internet (n.m.); vidéocourriel sur Internet (n.m.)
interoperability interopérabilité (n.f.); interfonctionnement (n.m.)
intranet; corporate network intranet (n.m.); réseau interne (n.m.); réseau privé d'entreprise (n.m.)
intranet-based learning system système d'apprentissage sur intranet (n.m.)
intranet-based training
SEE intranet training
intranet instruction enseignement dispensé en réseau interne (n.m.); instruction sur intranet (n.f.)
intranet learning apprentissage en réseau intranet (n.m.); apprentissage sur intranet (n.m.)
intranet training; intranet-based training; training on intranet formation par réseau intranet (n.f.); formation par intranet (n.f.); formation dispensée sur intranet (n.f.); formation disponible sur réseau interne (n.f.)
intrinsic performance support soutien intrinsèque au rendement (n.m.)
intrinsic support soutien intrinsèque (n.m.)
intuitive knowledge
SEE gut feeling
IRC protocol
SEE Internet Relay Chat
IRC room; chatroom site de dialogue en ligne (n.m.); site de messagerie en temps réel (n.m.); cybersalon (n.m.)
IRC server; chat server serveur IRC (n.m.); serveur de forum sur Internet (n.m.); serveur de dialogue en ligne (n.m.)
IRC session
SEE online CHAT session
I-Seek-You software
SEE Internet access provider
SEE intelligent tutoring system
SEE information highway


English Français
Java Application Programming Interface; Java API interface de programme d'application Java (n.f.); API Java (n.f.)
SEE just-enough
SEE just-for-me
JFM JIT training
SEE individualized training
JFM learning
SEE just-for-me learning
SEE just-in-time
JIT advice
SEE pop-up help
JIT e-training
SEE just-in-time e-training
JIT learning
SEE just-in-time learning
JIT online training
SEE just-in-time e-training
JIT tutoring
SEE just-in-time tutoring
job development
SEE professional development
job shock choc des novices au travail (n.m.); choc des recrues (n.m.)
job skills; task-oriented skills compétences liées à la tâche (n.f.plur.)
job-skills training
SEE occupational training
job training
SEE occupational training
journal on the Web
SEE blog
judgmental knowledge
SEE strategic knowledge
just-enough; JE juste-assez (adj.)
just-for-me; JFM juste-pour-moi (adj.)
just-for-me just-in-time training
SEE individualized training
just-for-me learning; JFM learning apprentissage juste-pour-moi (n.m.)
just-in-time; JIT juste-à-temps (adj.)
just-in-time advice
SEE pop-up help
just-in-time e-training; just-in-time online training; JIT e-training; JIT online training formation en ligne juste-à-temps (n.f.)
just-in-time learning; JIT learning apprentissage juste-à-temps (n.m.); apprentissage à la demande (n.m.)
just-in-time online training
SEE just-in-time e-training
just-in-time performance support aide ponctuelle au rendement (n.f.)
just-in-time tutoring; JIT tutoring tutorat juste-à-temps (n.m.)


English Français
KM program
SEE knowledge management program
SEE bot
know-how savoir-faire (n.m.)
know-how acquisition acquisition de savoir-faire (n.f.)
know-how test
SEE doing test
knowledge savoir(s) (n.m.); connaissance(s) (n.f.)
knowledge-access module fiche d'accès aux connaissances (n.f.); module d'accès au savoir (n.m.)
knowledge acquisition acquisition de connaissances (n.f.); appropriation de savoirs (n.f.)
knowledge-acquisition tool outil d'aide à l'acquisition des connaissances (n.m.)
knowledge-based economy
SEE knowledge economy
knowledge capital
SEE acquired knowledge
knowledge chunk
SEE bite2
knowledge chunkiness
SEE knowledge granularity
knowledge communication communication du savoir (n.f.); communication des connaissances (n.f.)
knowledge community communauté de savoir (n.f.)
knowledge compilation; operationalization compilation de connaissances (n.f.); opérationalisation (n.f.)
knowledge creation production de savoir (n.f.); production de connaissances (n.f.)
knowledge development développement des savoirs (n.m.); développement des connaissances (n.m.)
knowledge dissemination; knowledge distribution transmission du savoir (n.f.); transmission des connaissances (n.f.)
knowledge distribution
SEE knowledge dissemination
knowledge divide écart des savoirs (n.m.); fracture des savoirs (n.f.)
knowledge economy; knowledge-based economy économie du savoir (n.f.); économie axée sur le savoir (n.f.)
knowledge engineering génie cognitif (n.m.); ingénierie du savoir (n.f.); ingénierie des connaissances (n.f.)
knowledge gap; learning gap; gap lacune (n.f.)
knowledge granularity; knowledge chunkiness granularité du savoir (n.f.); modularité des connaissances (n.f.)
knowledge industry industrie du savoir (n.f.); industrie de la connaissance (n.f.)
knowledge management; KM gestion du savoir (n.f.); gestion des connaissances (n.f.)
knowledge management program; KM program programme de gestion du savoir (n.m.)
knowledge market marché du savoir (n.m.)
knowledge object objet de savoir (n.m.)
knowledge portal portail de savoirs (n.m.)
knowledge robot
SEE bot
knowledge sequencing découpage du savoir (n.m.)
knowledge sharing mutualisation des savoirs (n.f.); partage des connaissances (n.m.)
knowledge space espace de connaissances (n.m.); espace de savoirs (n.m.)
knowledge structure structure de connaissances (n.f.); structure de savoirs (n.f.)
knowledge structuring structuration de connaissances (n.f.); structuration de savoirs (n.f.)
knowledge technology technologie du savoir (n.f.); technologie des connaissances (n.f.)
knowledge transfer transfert de savoir(s) (n.m.); transfert de connaissance(s) (n.m.)


English Français
lack-of-knowledge strategy stratégie compensatrice des lacunes (n.f.); stratégie guidée par les lacunes (n.f.)
SEE local area network
language-service provider; language-service supplier fournisseur de services linguistiques (n.m.); fournisseur de services langagiers (n.m.)
language-service supplier
SEE language-service provider
language-service vendor prestataire de services langagiers (n.m.)
lay-over template
SEE answer key
SEE Learning Content Management System
learn-by-doing activity; learning-by-doing activity activité d'apprentissage par l'action (n.f.)
learn-by-doing course
SEE learning-by doing course
learn-by-doing scenario scénario d'apprentissage par l'action (n.m.)
learn-by-doing simulation
SEE situation-simulation game
learn-by doing simulation
SEE learning-by-doing simulation
learner; student apprenant (n.m.); étudiant (n.m.)
learner-based; learner-oriented orienté apprenant; axé sur l'étudiant
learner-centred design conception axée sur l'apprenant (n.f.)
learner-centred education; student-centred learning enseignement orienté apprenant (n.m.); éducation axée sur l'apprenant (n.f.)
SEE learner-based
learner's workstation poste de travail de l'apprenant (n.m.); poste-apprenant (n.m.)
learning activity activité d'apprentissage (n.f.); activité pédagogique (n.f.)
learning by action; learning by doing apprentissage par l'action (n.m.)
learning by analogy
SEE analogy-based learning
learning by being told; learning by instruction; learning with a teacher; supervised learning apprentissage avec professeur (n.m.); apprentissage par instruction (n.m.); apprentissage tutoré (n.m.)
learning by deduction; deductive learning apprentissage déductif (n.m.); apprentissage par déduction (n.m.)
learning by discovery
SEE discovery-based learning
learning by doing
SEE learning by action
learning-by-doing activity
SEE learn-by-doing activity
learning-by doing course; learn-by-doing course cours participatif (n.m.)
learning-by-doing simulation; learn-by doing simulation mise en situation d'apprentissage par l'action (n.f.)
learning by examples
SEE example-based learning
learning by experimentation apprentissage par expérimentation (n.m.)
learning by induction; inductive learning apprentissage inductif (n.m.); apprentissage par induction (n.m.)
learning by instruction
SEE learning by being told
learning by observation; learning from observation apprentissage par observation (n.m.)
learning by problem-solving; learning from solution paths apprentissage par résolution de problèmes (n.m.)
learning by trial and error
SEE trial-and-error learning
learning CD-ROM
SEE educational CD-ROM
learning chunk
SEE bite1
learning community communauté d'apprentissage (n.f.)
learning content contenu d'apprentissage (n.m.); contenu pédagogique (n.m.); contenu éducatif (n.m.)
Learning Content Management System; LCMS système de gestion de contenu d'apprentissage (n.m.); système LCMS (n.m.)
learning-content update mise à jour de contenu pédagogique (n.f.); actualisation de contenu d'apprentissage (n.f.); réactualisation de contenu éducatif (n.f.)
learning environment environnement d'apprentissage (n.m.)
learning file dossier didactique (n.m.); fichier didactique (n.m.)
learning from observation
SEE learning by observation
learning from observation and discovery apprentissage par observation et découverte (n.m.)
learning from scratch; tabula rasa approach to learning apprentissage par table rase (n.m.)
learning from solution paths
SEE learning by problem-solving
learning gap
SEE knowledge gap
learning goal objectif d'apprentissage (n.m.)
learning level niveau d'apprentissage (n.m.)
learning management gestion de l'apprentissage (n.f.); gestion de l'enseignement (n.f.)
Learning Management System; LMS environnement LMS (n.m.); plate-forme LMS (n.f.); système de gestion de l'apprentissage (n.m.); SGA (n.m.)
learning map carte d'apprentissage (n.f.)
learning mode mode d'apprentissage (n.m.); modalité didactique (n.f.); modalité d'apprentissage (n.f.)
Learning Network for Teachers and Trainers; Learn-Nett dispositif d'enseignement Learn-Nett (n.m.)
learning object objet d'apprentissage (n.m.)
learning-object portal portail d'objets d'apprentissage (n.m.)
learning-object repository dépôt d'objets d'apprentissage (n.m.)
learning organization organisation apprenante (n.f.); organisation intelligente (n.f.); organisation qualifiante (n.f.)
learning pace; learning rate rythme d'apprentissage (n.m.)
learning path parcours d'apprentissage (n.m.); parcours didactique (n.m.); parcours pédagogique (n.m.); chemin d'apprentissage (n.m.)
learning-path design conception de parcours d'apprentissage (n.f.); conception de contenu pédagogique (n.f.)
learning-path development établissement de parcours d'apprentissage (n.m.); établissement de parcours pédagogique (n.m.)
learning-path evaluation évaluation de parcours pédagogique (n.f.); évaluation de parcours d'apprentissage (n.f.)
learning performance rendement de l'apprentissage (n.m.)
learning planning planification d'apprentissage (n.f.)
learning platform plateforme d'apprentissage (n.f.)
learning portal
SEE distance learning portal
learning psychology psychologie de l'apprentissage (n.f.)
learning rate
SEE learning pace
learning resource ressource didactique (n.f.)
learning-resource design conception de ressources didactiques (n.f.)
learning-resource development développement de ressources didactiques (n.m.)
learning-resources centre; resources centre centre de ressources didactiques (n.m.)
learning sequence; sequence stream séquence d'apprentissage (n.f.); séquence didactique (n.f.)
learning-sequence library bibliothèque de fiches-outils (n.f.)
learning-service provider; LSP fournisseur de services éducatifs (n.m.)
learning simulation mise en situation d'apprentissage (n.f.)
learning software logiciel d'apprentissage (n.m.)
learning-software design conception de logiciel(s) d'apprentissage (n.f.)
learning solution solution d'apprentissage (n.f.)
learning space espace d'apprentissage (n.m.)
learning strategy stratégie d'apprentissage (n.f.); stratégie cognitive (n.f.); stratégie pédagogique (n.f.)
learning-support teacher
SEE teacher's aide
learning-system designer concepteur de systèmes pédagogiques (n.m.); concepteur de systèmes d'apprentissage (n.m.)
learning task tâche d'apprentissage (n.f.)
learning team équipe d'apprentissage (n.f.)
learning technology technologie de l'apprentissage (n.f.)
learning through trial and error
SEE trial-and-error learning
learning tool outil d'apprentissage (n.m.)
learning-triggering context; triggering context contexte déclencheur d'apprentissage (n.m.)
learning via electronic messaging apprentissage par messagerie électronique (n.m.)
learning with a teacher
SEE learning by being told
learning without a teacher; unsupervised learning apprentissage non supervisé (n.m.); apprentissage sans professeur (n.m.); apprentissage sans intervention tutorale (n.m.)
SEE Learning Network for Teachers and Trainers
lecture-and-memorize technique; rote-learning technique technique d'apprentissage par coeur (n.f.); technique d'apprentissage par mémorisation (n.f.)
lecture course; formal course; teaching-by-telling course; teach-through-telling course; stand-up course; ex cathedra course cours magistral (n.m.); cours ex cathedra (n.m.)
liberal arts arts libéraux (n.m.plur.)
liberal education éducation en culture générale (n.f.)
life-long education
SEE continuing education
life-long learning
SEE continuous learning
lifelong learning
SEE continuous learning
Light-Bulb experience
SEE aha experience
linear writing-oriented orienté écritures linéaires
listening skills aptitudes à écouter (n.f.plur.)
live customized e-learning; customized live

online learning; live online tailored learning; live customized online

learning; live tailored e-learning
cyberapprentissage personnalisé en temps réel (n.m.); apprentissage personnalisé en direct (n.m.); apprentissage synchrone virtuel sur mesure (n.m.)
live customized online instruction; live online customized education enseignement personnalisé en temps réel (n.m.); enseignement synchrone en ligne (n.m.); enseignement virtuel sur mesure (n.m.)
live customized online learning
SEE live customized e-learning
live e-
SEE live online
live e-training
SEE live online training
live individual e-learning
SEE live individual online learning
live individual online learning; live individual e-learning; live online one-to-one e-learning; live online P2P learning; live online one-on-one learning; live online person-to-person learning; real-time one-to-one e-learning apprentissage individuel en direct (n.m.); instruction personnelle en temps réel (n.f.); éducation personnelle synchrone (n.f.)
live instructor-led training formation tutorée en direct (n.f.); formation synchrone tutorée (n.f.); téléformation tutorée en temps réel (n.f.); formation tutorée en temps réel (n.f.)
live online; live e-; immediate-response; real-time; synchronous en direct; en temps réel; synchrone
live online customized education
SEE live customized online instruction
live online face-to-face tutoring; live online F2F videotutoring; videoconference one-on-one tutoring; videoconference instructor-led tutoring tutorat via visioconférence en face-à-face (n.m.); tutorat frontal par webcam (n.m.); vidéotutorat frontal en ligne (n.m.); vidéotutorat en face-à-face (n.m.)
live online F2F learning
SEE face-to-face e-learning
live online F2F videotutoring
SEE live online face-to-face tutoring
live online individual tutoring; real-time person-to-person tutoring; live online P2P tutoring; synchronous virtual one-to-one tutoring tutorat synchrone individuel (n.m.); tutorat individuel synchrone (n.m.); tutorat individuel virtuel en direct (n.m.)
live online interaction; immediate-response interaction; real-time interaction; synchronous interaction interaction synchrone (n.f.); interaction en temps réel (n.f.); interaction en direct (n.f.)
live online learning; online live learning; real-time online learning enseignement interactif en temps réel (n.m.)
live online one-on-one learning
SEE live individual online learning
live online one-to-one e-learning
SEE live individual online learning
live online person-to-person learning
SEE live individual online learning
live online P2P learning
SEE live individual online learning
live online P2P tutoring
SEE live online individual tutoring
live online tailored learning
SEE live customized e-learning
live online training; live e-training formation virtuelle en direct (n.f.); formation virtuelle en temps réel (n.f.)
live online translation; online human translation traduction humaine (effectuée) en ligne (n.f.)
live online tutoring
SEE synchronous tutoring
live tailored e-learning
SEE live customized e-learning
SEE Learning Management System
local area network; LAN réseau local d'entreprise (n.m.); RLE (n.m.); réseau local industriel (n.m.); réseau local (n.m.); réseau LAN (n.m.)
long-distance network
SEE wide-area network
low-level skills compétences de base (n.f.plur.); compétences élémentaires (n.f.plur.)
SEE learning-service provider
lurker; net lurker; read-only user témoin silencieux (n.m.); observateur (n.m.)


English Français
machine-machine interaction; machine-to-machine interaction; M2M interaction interaction machine-machine (n.f.)
machine-to-machine communication; machine-machine communication; M2M communication dialogue machine-machine (n.m.); communication machine-machine (n.f.)
machine-to-machine interaction
SEE machine-machine interaction
made-to-measure training
SEE customized training
made-to-measure tutoring
SEE customized tutoring
SEE e-mailbot
SEE off-the-shelf
management information system; MIS système d'information de gestion (n.m.); SIG (n.m.)
management skills compétences de gestion (n.f.plur.)
management training
SEE executive training
SEE multiple-choice question
media directory répertoire de médias (n.m.)
mediagraphy médiagraphie (n.f.)
mental quality qualité intellectuelle (n.f.)
mental representation représentation mentale (n.f.)
mental representation change changement de représentations mentales (n.m.)
mental skills capacités intellectuelles (n.f.plur.)
mentor (n.) mentor (n.m.)
SEE mentorship
mentoring program programme de mentorat (n.m.)
mentorship; mentoring mentorat (n.m.); encadrement (n.m.)
message board
SEE Bulletin Board System
SEE management information system
mistake tutoring; failure-driven tutoring tutorat correctif (n.m.)
mixed online/offline course
SEE blended course
mixed online/offline learning
SEE blended learning
mixed training
SEE blended training
SEE mobile learning
SEE multimedia
M2M communication
SEE machine-to-machine communication
M2M interaction
SEE machine-machine interaction
mobile Internet learning
SEE wireless Internet learning
mobile learning; m-learning; wireless e-learning apprentissage en ligne sans fil (n.m.)
modular teaching enseignement modulaire (n.m.)
monitor (n.) moniteur (n.m.)
monitored self-training
SEE tutored self-training
SEE MUD object-oriented
motivation-building course; motivation-supplying course cours motivant (n.m.)
motivation-supplying course
SEE motivation-building course
SEE multiuser dimension
MUD object-oriented; MOO environnement MOO (n.m.); MOO (n.m.)
multilanguage software support; multilanguage support assistance logicielle multilangue (n.f.); support logiciel multilangue (n.m.); aide multilingue (n.f.)
multilanguage support
SEE multilanguage software support
multimedia; MM multimédia (adj.)
multimedia-based learning
SEE multimedia learning
multimedia-based training; multimedia training formation multimédia (n.f.)
multimedia e-course
SEE multimedia online course
multimedia education
SEE multimedia instruction
multimedia instruction; multimedia education enseignement multimédia (n.m.)
multimedia learning; multimedia-based learning apprentissage multimédia (n.m.)
multimedia learning aids; multimedia training aids matériel didactique multimédia (n.m.); matériel d'instruction multimédia (n.m.)
multimedia online course; multimedia e-course cours multimédia interactif (n.m.); cours multimédia en ligne (n.m.)
multimedia training
SEE multimedia-based training
multimedia training aids
SEE multimedia learning aids
multimedia training kit valise de formation multimédia (n.f.); valise multimédia (n.f.)
multimedia training module module de formation multimédia (n.m.)
multimedia workstation poste de travail multimédia (n.m.); poste multimédia (n.m.)
multiple-choice question; MCQ question à choix multiples (n.f.); QCM (n.f.)
multirater assessment évaluation multiévaluateur (n.f.)
multiuser dimension; multiuser domain; MUD dimension multiutilisateur (n.f.); domaine multiutilisateur (n.m.); MUD (n.m.)
multiuser domain
SEE multiuser dimension


English Français
SEE Internet
SEE e-learning technology
SEE cyberholic
SEE web camera
Net geek
SEE cyberholic
net lurker
SEE lurker
Net space
SEE cyberspace
Net surfing
SEE Internet navigation
net v-mail
SEE Internet video-mail
networkability; networking capacity capacité de réseautage (n.f.)
SEE online
network-centred application; network-centric application; online application application en ligne (n.f.); application axée réseau (n.f.); application réseau (n.f.)
network-centric application
SEE network-centred application
SEE online
networked learning; NL apprentissage en réseau (n.m.)
networked-learning environment; NLE environnement d'apprentissage en réseau (n.m.)
networked teamwork
SEE online teamwork
networking capacity
SEE networkability
network-ready prêt à réseauter (adj.)
network service provider
SEE Internet access provider
new-economy technology; electronic technology; e-technology; online technology technologie de la nouvelle économie (n.f.); technologie de l'économie en ligne (n.f.)
new educational media; new pedagogic devices nouveaux moyens pédagogiques (n.m.plur.); supports d'enseignement virtuel (n.m.plur.)
new educational technology
SEE e-learning technology
new-hire training formation des recrues (n.f.); formation des nouveaux employés (n.f.)
New Information and Communications Technologies; NICT nouvelles technologies de l'information et des communications (n.f.plur.); NTIC (n.f.plur.)
new pedagogic devices
SEE new educational media
SEE chat group
SEE New Information and Communications Technologies
NICT training formation aux NTIC (n.f.)
SEE networked learning
SEE networked-learning environment
nonadaptable courseware
SEE nonadaptable educational software
nonadaptable educational software; nonadaptable courseware; nonadaptive educational software; nonadaptive courseware didacticiel fermé (n.m.); logiciel éducatif fermé (n.m.)
nonadaptive courseware
SEE nonadaptable educational software
nonadaptive educational software
SEE nonadaptable educational software
nonconscious knowledge
SEE gut feeling
nonincremental knowledge; fixed knowledge savoir stable (n.m.); connaissances stables (n.f.plur.)
nonincremental learning; one-trial learning; single-step learning apprentissage non cumulatif (n.m.); apprentissage monobloc (n.m.)
noninteractive media média non interactif (n.m.)
nonvirtual world
SEE physical world
nugget of knowledge
SEE bite2


English Français
object-based learning; chunk-based learning apprentissage par objets (n.m.)
object-centred education enseignement granulaire (n.m.); enseignement modulaire (n.m.)
Object Linking and Embedding; OLE liaison et incorporation d'objets (n.f.)
object-oriented orienté objet; centré objet
object-to-object navigation navigation inter-objets (n.f.)
observation-enabling course cours stimulant l'observation (n.m.)
occupational training; professional training; job training; skills training; job-skills training formation professionnelle (n.f.)
occupational upgrading; skills upgrading perfectionnement professionnel (n.m.)
SEE distance and open learning
off-campus student étudiant hors campus (n.m.)
offline; off-line; off line hors ligne
SEE offline
off line
SEE offline
off-the-shelf; canned; mainstream; vanilla de série; grand public; standard (adj.)
SEE in-service training
SEE Object Linking and Embedding
on-campus student étudiant sur le campus (n.m.)
one-on-one; one-to-one; person-to-person; P2P individuel (adj.); individualisé; particulier (adj.)
one-on-one e-learning session; one-to-one e-learning session; person-to-person e-learning session; P2P online session session pédagogique individualisée en ligne (n.f.); session en tête-à-tête virtuel (n.f.); session individuelle en ligne (n.f.); tête-à-tête pédagogique virtuel (n.m.)
one-on-one tutoring; one-to-one tutoring; person-to-person tutoring; P2P tutoring; individual tutoring; personal tutoring tutorat en tête-à-tête (n.m.); tutorat individuel (n.m.)
one-on-one videoconference
SEE face-to-face videoconference
one-on-one videotutoring session
SEE face-to-face e-tutoring session
one-to-few synchronous training; small-group synchronous training formation synchrone en petit groupe (n.f.); formation synchrone en petite équipe (n.f.)
one-to-many synchronous training formation collective synchrone (n.f.)
SEE one-on-one
one-to-one approach approche individuelle (n.f.)
one-to-one e-learning session
SEE one-on-one e-learning session
one-to-one e-tutoring; person-to-person e-tutoring; P2P e-tutoring; P2P online tutoring tutorat individuel en ligne (n.m.); tutorat individuel virtuel (n.m.); tutorat en tête-à-tête virtuel (n.m.); cybertutorat privé (n.m.)
one-to-one exchange échange en tête-à-tête (n.m.)
one-to-one learning; person-to-person learning; P2P learning apprentissage individuel (n.m.); apprentissage en tête-à-tête (n.m.)
one-to-one synchronous training formation individuelle synchrone (n.f.)
one-to-one tutoring
SEE one-on-one tutoring
one-to-one videoconference
SEE face-to-face videoconference
one-trial learning
SEE nonincremental learning
online; on-line; on line; e-; cyber-; network-centred; networked; virtual en ligne; e-; cyber-; en réseau; virtuel (adj.)
SEE online
on line
SEE online
online application
SEE network-centred application
online CHAT session; chat session; Internet Relay Chat session; IRC session session de dialogue sur Internet (n.f.); session d'échanges en temps réel (n.f.); session d'échanges en ligne (n.f.)
online coaching; e-coaching médiation tutorielle en ligne (n.f.); accompagnement tutoriel en ligne (n.m.)
online collaborative mentoring mentorat collaboratif en ligne (n.m.)
online collaborative work
SEE online teamwork
online content creation
SEE e-content generation
online content localization
SEE interactive content localization
online corporate training
SEE corporate e-training
online course; virtual course cours en ligne (n.m.); cybercours (n.m.); cours virtuel (n.m.)
online courseware didacticiel en ligne (n.m.)
online design conception en ligne (n.f.)
online diarist
SEE blog author
online education; online instruction cyberenseignement (n.m.); éducation en ligne (n.f.); enseignement en ligne (n.m.); enseignement virtuel (n.m.); instruction en ligne (n.f.)
online education industry; e-learning industry; online learning industry industrie de l'enseignement en ligne (n.f.); industrie de l'enseignement virtuel (n.f.); industrie de l'éducation en ligne (n.f.)
online employee training
SEE corporate e-training
online group exchange échange virtuel entre groupes (n.m.)
online group videotutoring
SEE virtual-class videotutoring
online human translation
SEE live online translation
online instruction
SEE online education
online instructor; e-instructor; online trainer; e-trainer formateur en ligne (n.m.); cyberformateur (n.m.)
online learner
SEE e-learner
online learning
SEE electronic learning
online learning community
SEE e-learning community
online learning curriculum; e-learning curriculum programme d'apprentissage virtuel (n.m.); programme d'apprentissage en ligne (n.m.); curriculum virtuel (n.m.)
online learning engineering
SEE e-learning engineering
online learning environment
SEE e-learning environment
online learning industry
SEE online education industry
online learning platform
SEE electronic learning platform
online learning portal
SEE distance learning portal
online learning program
SEE e-learning program
online learning reference portal
SEE e-learning reference portal
online learning technology
SEE e-learning technology
online library
SEE electronic library2
online live learning
SEE live online learning
online machine translation traduction automatique en ligne (n.f.)
online media directory répertoire de médias en ligne (n.m.)
online mentor; virtual guide cyberguide (n.m.); guide en ligne (n.m.); guide virtuel (n.m.)
online-mentored course cours tutoré en ligne (n.m.)
online mentoring; electronic mentoring; e-mentoring mentorat en ligne (n.m.)
online/offline training
SEE blended training
online relaxation corner espace de détente en ligne (n.m.); espace d'e-détente (n.m.)
online self-education; online self-instruction autodidaxie en ligne (n.f.)
online self-instruction
SEE online self-education
online self-learning autoapprentissage en ligne (n.m.)
online self-training autoformation en ligne (n.f.)
online-simulated field trip
SEE virtual field trip
online teacher; cyberteacher; e-teacher enseignant en ligne (n.m.); cyberprofesseur (n.m.); cyberprof (n.m.)
online teaching platform plateforme d'enseignement en ligne (n.f.); plate-forme de cyberenseignement (n.f.); plateforme d'enseignement virtuel (n.f.)
online teamwork; online collaborative work; networked teamwork travail collectif en réseau (n.m.); travail d'équipe en ligne (n.m.); travail collaboratif sur le réseau (n.m.)
online technology
SEE new-economy technology
online test test en ligne (n.m.)
online trainee; e-trainee cyberstagiaire (n.m.)
online trainer
SEE online instructor
online training
SEE electronic training
online training course
SEE e-training course
online training market
SEE e-training market
online training platform
SEE e-training platform
online training portal
SEE distance training portal
online training program programme de formation en ligne (n.m.)
online training site site de formation en ligne (n.m.)
online tutor
SEE e-tutor
online tutorial
SEE e-tutorial
online tutorial support aide tutorielle en ligne (n.f.); télé-encadrement pédagogique en temps réel (n.m.)
online tutoring
SEE e-tutoring
online university
SEE virtual university
online update course cours de rafraîchissement en ligne (n.m.)
onsite learning
SEE on-the-job learning
onsite/online course
SEE blended course
onsite/online learning
SEE blended learning
onsite/online training
SEE blended training
onsite training
SEE in-service training
on-the-job behaviour conduite au travail (n.f.); comportement au travail (n.m.)
on-the-job learner; work-based learner apprenant sur le tas (n.m.); apprenant par la pratique (n.m.)
on-the-job learning; onsite learning; work-based learning; workplace learning apprentissage en milieu de travail (n.m.); apprentissage sur le lieu de travail (n.m.)
on-the-job support aide pratique ponctuelle (n.f.)
on-the-job training
SEE in-service training
open and distance learning
SEE distance and open learning
open distance learning
SEE distance and open learning
open distance teaching enseignement ouvert et à distance (n.m.)
open distance training
SEE distance open training
open e-learning; open online learning apprentissage ouvert en ligne (n.m.); AOL (n.m.)
open learning apprentissage ouvert (n.m.)
open online learning
SEE open e-learning
open software; open-source software logiciel ouvert (n.m.)
open-source software
SEE open software
open university université ouverte (n.f.); université sans murs (n.f.)
SEE knowledge compilation
optimal instructional sequence séquence didactique optimale (n.f.)
organizational intelligence; organizational knowledge savoir organisationnel (n.m.); savoir-faire organisationnel (n.m.)
organizational knowledge
SEE organizational intelligence
organizational learning apprentissage organisationnel (n.m.)
out-of-the-box thinking pensée originale (n.f.); raisonnement en dehors des sentiers battus (n.m.)
over-the-shoulder coaching guidage directif (n.m.); pilotage (n.m.)
SEE scenario overview


English Français
page turner; page-turner courseware didacticiel tourne-pages (n.m.); tourne-pages (n.m.)
page-turner courseware
SEE page turner
paper book
SEE book
passing grade
SEE critical score
pass mark
SEE critical score
SEE book
SEE Portable Document Format
pedagogical adviser; supervising teacher conseiller pédagogique (n.m.)
pedagogical learning apprentissage pédagogique (n.m.)
pedagogical psychology psychologie pédagogique (n.f.)
pedagogical scaffolding; scaffolding appui pédagogique (n.m.); soutien pédagogique (n.m.)
pedagogical tool; pedagogic tool outil pédagogique (n.m.); fiche-outil (n.f.); fiche pédagogique (n.f.)
pedagogic tool
SEE pedagogical tool
people-oriented skills
SEE self-management skills
people skills
SEE self-management skills
performance-based education
SEE competency-based education
performance-based training system système de formation basé sur le rendement (n.m.)
performance development education instruction en amélioration du rendement (n.f.)
performance development training formation en amélioration du rendement (n.f.)
performance evaluation
SEE performance review
performance indicator indicateur de rendement (n.m.)
performance review; performance evaluation évaluation du rendement (n.f.)
performance self-evaluation auto-évaluation du rendement (n.f.); auto-évaluation de la performance (n.f.)
performance support system logiciel d'aide à la gestion du rendement (n.m.)
personal development développement personnel (n.m.)
personal e-mail tutor
SEE e-mail personal tutor
personalized coaching accompagnement personnalisé (n.m.)
personal skills
SEE self-management skills
personal training formation personnelle (n.f.)
personal tutoring
SEE one-on-one tutoring
person-machine interaction; P2M interaction interaction personne-machine (n.f.)
personnel training
SEE employee training
person-person interaction; person-to-person interaction; P2P interaction interaction personne-personne (n.f.)
SEE one-on-one
person-to-person e-learning session
SEE one-on-one e-learning session
person-to-person e-tutoring
SEE one-to-one e-tutoring
person-to-person interaction
SEE person-person interaction
person-to-person learning
SEE one-to-one learning
person-to-person tutoring
SEE one-on-one tutoring
person-to-person videoconference
SEE face-to-face videoconference
physical university
SEE traditional university
physical world; nonvirtual world; real world; brick-and-mortar world monde réel (n.m.)
platform plate-forme (n.f.); plateforme (n.f.)
platform editor
SEE e-learning platform editor
P2M interaction
SEE person-machine interaction
pop-up help; pop-up tutoring; just-in-time advice; JIT advice aide tutorielle à l'écran (n.f.)
pop-up tutoring
SEE pop-up help
Portable Document Format; PDF format d'affichage PDF (n.m.); PDF (n.m.)
portal; entry portal; Web portal portail (n.m.); portail Web (n.m.)
post-assessment évaluation après-cours (n.f.); évaluation ultérieure (n.f.)
post-class mentoring mentorat hors-session (n.m.); mentorat en différé (n.m.)
post-training mentoring mentorat post-formation (n.m.)
power suit
SEE datasuit
SEE one-on-one
P2P e-tutoring
SEE one-to-one e-tutoring
P2P interaction
SEE person-person interaction
P2P learning
SEE one-to-one learning
P2P online session
SEE one-on-one e-learning session
P2P online tutoring
SEE one-to-one e-tutoring
P2P tutoring
SEE one-on-one tutoring
P2P videoconference
SEE face-to-face videoconference
practice community; common-practices group communauté de pratiques (n.f.)
practice item item de pratique (n.m.)
preassessment évaluation préalable à un cours (n.f.); évaluation préliminaire (n.f.)
preliminary test; pretest test préliminaire (n.m.); prétest (n.m.)
prematriculation course cours prérequis à l'admission (n.m.)
prerequisite (n.) prérequis (n.m.); préalable (n.m.)
prescriptive learning apprentissage normatif (n.m.)
presentation skills compétences de présentateur (n.f.plur.)
pre-session activity activité pré-session (n.f.)
SEE preliminary test
pretraining mentoring mentorat pré-formation (n.m.)
print book
SEE book
proactive tutoring tutorat proactif (n.m.)
procedural application
SEE scriptlet
procedural knowledge application
SEE scriptlet
process training formation au processus (n.f.); formation opératoire (n.f.)
professional content contenu professionnel (n.m.)
professional development; vocational development; job development; skills development développement professionnel (n.m.)
professional development supervisor; supervisor of professional development superviseur du perfectionnement professionnel (n.m.)
professional retraining rééducation professionnelle (n.f.)
professional services representative
SEE training services vendor
professional training
SEE occupational training
professional training portal portail de formation professionnelle (n.m.)
proficiency level; skill level niveau de compétence (n.m.)
progress tracking
SEE tracking
prototyping prototypage (n.m.)
SEE training services vendor


English Français
question-answering mode mode questions-réponses (n.m.)
question bank banque de questions (n.f.)


English Français
rare skills; widget-oriented skills compétences rares (n.f.plur.)
read-only user
SEE lurker
real-life situation situation réelle (n.f.)
SEE live online
real-time animation animation en temps réel (n.f.)
real-time conversation
SEE Conversational Hypertext Access Technology
real-time delivery
SEE synchronous delivery
real-time interaction
SEE live online interaction
real-time one-to-one e-learning
SEE live individual online learning
real-time online learning
SEE live online learning
real-time online tutoring
SEE synchronous tutoring
real-time person-to-person tutoring
SEE live online individual tutoring
real university
SEE traditional university
real world
SEE physical world
reference model modèle de référence (n.m.)
reflexive learning apprentissage introspectif (n.m.); apprentissage réflexif (n.m.)
refresher retraining
SEE retraining
regular meeting; traditional meeting rencontre classique (n.f.); rencontre en présentiel (n.f.); rencontre présentielle (n.f.)
remedial action
SEE corrective action
SEE corrective action
remodelling remodelage (n.m.); restructuration de modèles (n.f.); recomposition de modèles (n.f.)
SEE software repository
reskilling recyclage (n.m.)
resource material matériel documentaire (n.m.)
resources centre
SEE learning-resources centre
retraining; refresher retraining remise à niveau (n.f.)
reusable information object; RIO objet d'information réutilisable (n.m.); OIR (n.m.)
reusable learning object; RLO objet d'apprentissage réutilisable (n.m.); OAR (n.m.)
reusable library
SEE reusable software library
reusable software library; reusable library logithèque réutilisable (n.f.); bibliothèque réutilisable (n.f.)
reversed-assumption experience
SEE aha experience
SEE reusable information object
SEE reusable learning object
role-play jeu de rôles (n.m.)
role-playing scenario scénario de jeu de rôles (n.m.)
rote learning apprentissage par coeur (n.m.)
rote-learning technique
SEE lecture-and-memorize technique


English Français
satellite-delivered diffusé par satellite; transmis par satellite
satellite-delivered training formation par satellite (n.f.); formation via satellite (n.f.)
SEE pedagogical scaffolding
scenario-based simulation
SEE situation-simulation game
scenario overview; simulated-interaction overview; overview ébauche de script pour mise en situation (n.f.)
school voucher; voucher chèque éducation (n.m.); coupon éducation (n.m.)
scientific visualization visualisation scientifique (n.f.)
scoring key
SEE answer key
SEE Shareable Content Object Reference Model
SEE computer-simulated situation
script-based training formation axée sur les scripts (n.f.)
scripted activity activité scénarisée en script (n.f.); activité scriptée (n.f.)
scriptlet; procedural knowledge application; procedural application scénarisation de procédures élémentaires (n.f.); application procédure (n.f.); scriptlet (n.m.)
scriptlet acquisition apprentissage d'applications procédures (n.m.); apprentissage de scriptlets (n.m.)
scriptlet-collection acquisition acquisition de procédures élémentaires (n.f.)
SEE synthetic environment
search by object recherche orientée objet (n.f.); recherche par objet (n.f.)
search robot
SEE bot
SEE simulation-based e-learning
SEE self-assessment
self-assessment; self-appraisal; self-evaluation; self-rating; self-report auto-évaluation (n.f.)
self-assessment tool outil d'auto-évaluation (n.m.)
self-assessment training system système d'auto-évaluation formative (n.m.)
self-diagnosis autodiagnostic (n.m.)
self-directed learner
SEE autonomous learner
self-directed learning
SEE independent learning
SEE independent learning
SEE self-assessment
SEE independent learning
self-instruction area; self-learning corner; self-training workspace lieu d'autoformation (n.m.)
SEE autonomous learner
SEE independent learning
self-learning corner
SEE self-instruction area
self-learning software didacticiel d'autoapprentissage (n.m.)
self-management skills; people-oriented skills; people skills; personal skills savoir-être (n.m.)
self-paced autorythmé
self-pacing of learning personnalisation des rythmes d'apprentissage (n.f.)
self-pacing process cheminement adapté au rythme personnel (n.m.)
SEE self-assessment
SEE self-assessment
self-training autoformation (n.f.)
self-training CD-ROM CD-ROM d'autoformation (n.m.)
self-training content contenu d'autoformation (n.m.)
self-training portal portail d'autoformation (n.m.)
self-training software didacticiel d'autoformation (n.m.)
self-training workspace
SEE self-instruction area
sensor-laden glove
SEE dataglove
sequence stream
SEE learning sequence
server platform plateforme de serveurs (n.f.)
service delivery mechanism mode de prestation de services (n.m.); mécanisme de prestation de services (n.m.)
service provider; service supplier fournisseur de services (n.m.)
service supplier
SEE service provider
service vendor prestataire de services (n.m.)
SEE Standard Generalized Markup Language
shadowing; tag-along training formation en accompagnant, en observant et en imitant (n.f.)
Shareable Content Object Reference Model; SCORM modèle de référence SCORM (n.m.); norme SCORM (n.f.); standard SCORM (n.m.)
shareable learning
SEE transferable learning
SEE situation-simulation game
simulated-interaction overview
SEE scenario overview
simulated performance review simulation d'évaluation du rendement (n.f.)
simulated-situation exercise
SEE situation-simulation game
simulated-story exercise
SEE situation-simulation game
SEE situation-simulation game
simulation-based e-learning; seLearning apprentissage par simulation en ligne (n.m.)
simulation-based learning apprentissage par simulation (n.m.)
single-step learning
SEE nonincremental learning
site ergonomics ergonomie de site (n.f.)
situation-simulation game; simulated-story

exercise; simulated-situation exercise; simulation; scenario-based

simulation; simulated-interaction; learn-by-doing simulation
jeu de mise en situation (n.m.); exercice de mise en situation (n.m.)
skill level
SEE proficiency level
skills acquisition acquisition de compétences (n.f.)
skills development
SEE professional development
skills training
SEE occupational training
skills upgrading
SEE occupational upgrading
small-group synchronous training
SEE one-to-few synchronous training
SEE domain expert
sociocognitive conflict conflit socio-cognitif (n.m.)
Socratic course
SEE inquiry-promoting course
Socratic guidance; Socratic tutoring tutorat socratique (n.m.)
Socratic instruction; Socratic teaching; inquiry teaching enseignement socratique (n.m.)
Socratic teaching
SEE Socratic instruction
Socratic tutoring
SEE Socratic guidance
softlifter; software thief pirate de logiciel (n.m.); voleur de logiciel (n.m.)
softlifting; software piracy; software theft piratage de logiciel (n.m.); vol de logiciel (n.m.)
soft skills
SEE generic skills
soft-skills training
SEE behavioural training
software engineer ingénieur en logiciel (n.m.); ingénieur logiciel (n.m.)
software environment; software platform environnement logiciel (n.m.); plate-forme logicielle (n.f.)
software integration intégration de logiciels (n.f.)
software integrator
SEE software solutions integrator
software piracy
SEE softlifting
software platform
SEE software environment
software repository; repository logithèque de référence (n.f.); référenciel (n.m.)
software solutions integrator; software integrator intégrateur de solutions logicielles (n.m.)
software theft
SEE softlifting
software thief
SEE softlifter
speakerphone bloc micro/haut-parleur (n.m.)
specialized knowledge savoir spécialisé (n.m.)
special-purpose content contenu spécialisé (n.m.)
special-purpose portal portail spécialisé (n.m.)
staff training
SEE employee training
standard curriculum programme d'études générique (n.m.); programme d'études standard (n.m.)
Standard Generalized Markup Language; SGML langage SGML (n.m.); SGML (n.m.)
stand-up course
SEE lecture course
stand-up training formation ex cathedra (n.f.)
step-by-step tracking suivi pas à pas (n.m.)
stories-and-advice database
SEE case library
strategic knowledge; judgmental knowledge connaissance stratégique (n.f.); savoir stratégique (n.m.)
strategic learning apprentissage stratégique (n.m.)
strict monitoring monitorat dirigiste (n.m.)
strudel post
SEE electronic mail
SEE learner
student-centred learning
SEE learner-centred education
student-help material documentation d'aide pédagogique (n.f.)
student-teacher communication
SEE teacher-student communication
student-teacher interaction
SEE teacher-student interaction
subject matter expert
SEE domain expert
subject-matter knowledge
SEE domain knowledge
successful completion
SEE accomplishment
summative evaluation évaluation sommative (n.f.); bilan pédagogique (n.m.)
supervised distance learning
SEE distance learning with a teacher
supervised learning
SEE learning by being told
supervising teacher
SEE pedagogical adviser
supervisor of professional development
SEE professional development supervisor
surface learning apprentissage superficiel (n.m.)
SEE Internet navigation
syllabus plan de cours (n.m.)
SEE live online
synchronous BBS; synchronous discussion board babillard synchrone (n.m.); BBS synchrone (n.m.)
synchronous delivery; real-time delivery livraison synchrone (n.f.); prestation en temps réel (n.f.)
synchronous discussion board
SEE synchronous BBS
synchronous event événement synchrone (n.m.)
synchronous interaction
SEE live online interaction
synchronous learning apprentissage synchrone (n.m.)
synchronous training formation synchrone (n.f.)
synchronous tutoring; live online tutoring; real-time online tutoring; synchronous virtual tutoring tutorat virtuel en temps réel (n.m.); tutorat synchrone virtuel (n.m.)
synchronous virtual one-to-one tutoring
SEE live online individual tutoring
synchronous virtual tutoring
SEE synchronous tutoring
synthetic environment; SE environnement synthétique (n.m.)


English Français
tactile glove
SEE dataglove
tag-along training
SEE shadowing
SEE custom-designed
tailored learning
SEE customized learning
tailored online learning session
SEE customized e-learning session
tailored training
SEE customized training
tailored training path
SEE customized training path
tailored tutoring
SEE customized tutoring
SEE bot
task-by-task supervision supervision orientée tâches (n.f.); supervision pas-à-pas (n.f.)
task-oriented content contenu orienté tâche (n.m.); contenu axé sur la tâche (n.m.)
task-oriented learning apprentissage centré sur l'accomplissement de tâches (n.m.)
task-oriented skills
SEE job skills
task-specific reasoning raisonnement axé sur la tâche (n.m.)
SEE technology-based training
teacher enseignant (n.m.); professeur (n.m.)
teacher aide
SEE teacher's aide
teacher education
SEE trainer training
teacher's aide; teacher aide; teaching assistant; learning-support teacher aide-éducateur (n.m.); aide-enseignant (n.m.); maître auxiliaire (n.m.)
teacher's corner
SEE teacher's Web-site corner
teacher-student communication; student-teacher communication consultation pédagogique (n.f.); dialogue étudiant-professeur (n.m.); dialogue apprenant-enseignant (n.m.)
teacher-student interaction; student-teacher interaction interaction professeur-étudiant (n.f.); interaction apprenant-enseignant (n.f.); interaction pédagogique (n.f.)
teacher-supervised dirigé par professeur; dirigé par enseignant
teacher's Web-site corner; teacher's corner salle des profs virtuelle (n.f.); salle des profs (n.f.)
teacher trainer
SEE trainers' trainer
teacher training
SEE trainer training
teaching assistant
SEE teacher's aide
teaching-by-telling course
SEE lecture course
teaching consultant conseiller en enseignement (n.m.)
teaching file fichier pédagogique (n.m.)
teaching goal; teaching point but pédagogique (n.m.)
teaching instructor
SEE tutor1
teaching material
SEE educational material
teaching model
SEE educational model
teaching point
SEE teaching goal
teaching software logiciel d'enseignement (n.m.)
teaching specialist
SEE educationalist
teaching team équipe pédagogique (n.f.)
teach-through-telling course
SEE lecture course
team-building skills capacités de travail en équipe (n.f.plur.)
team learning
SEE group learning
team training
SEE group training
team work
SEE group work
technical content contenu technique (n.m.)
SEE technonerd
technology-based training; TBT formation technicisée (n.f.)
technology provider; technology supplier fournisseur de technologie (n.m.)
technology supplier
SEE technology provider
technology vendor prestataire de technologie (n.m.)
technonerd; technoaddict; technophile; geek technophile (n.m.); maniaque de la technologie (n.m.)
SEE technonerd
teleconference learning apprentissage via téléconférence (n.m.)
SEE distance education
tele-education technology
SEE distance education technology
SEE distance learning
telelearning by e-mail
SEE distance learning by e-mail
telelearning resource; teleresource ressource de télé-apprentissage (n.f.); téléressource (n.f.)
telelearning specialist
SEE distance learning professional
telepresence; walkthrough immersion (n.f.); télé-immersion (n.f.); téléprésence (n.f.); visite virtuelle (n.f.)
SEE telelearning resource
SEE distance education
teleteaching technology
SEE distance education technology
SEE distance training
teletraining platform
SEE distance training platform
SEE distance tutoring
tell-show-try learning apprentissage par instruction, démonstration et expérimentation (n.m.)
test administration
SEE administration of tests
testing administration de test (n.f.); testage (n.m.)
The-Penny-Dropped experience
SEE aha experience
tool provider fournisseur d'outils (n.m.)
topic forum; topic group forum thématique (n.m.); groupe de discussion thématique (n.m.); groupe thématique (n.m.)
topic group
SEE topic forum
tracking; progress tracking suivi de parcours pédagogique (n.m.)
tracking tool outil de suivi pédagogique (n.m.)
traditional education
SEE classroom instruction
traditional meeting
SEE regular meeting
traditional training
SEE classroom training
traditional university; physical university; bricks-and-mortar university; real university université classique (n.f.); université réelle (n.f.); université traditionnelle (n.f.); université en dur (n.f.)
trainer; training agent; training instructor; training officer agent de formation (n.m.); encadreur (n.m.); formateur (n.m.); moniteur (n.m.)
trainers' trainer; teacher trainer formateur de maîtres (n.m.); formateur de formateurs (n.m.); formateur d'enseignants (n.m.)
trainer training; coach training; coaching training; teacher education; teacher training formation de formateurs (n.f.); formation de moniteurs (n.f.); formation de maîtres (n.f.); formation d'enseignants (n.f.)
trainer training program
SEE train-the-trainer program
training acquisition acquisition de la formation (n.f.); appropriation de la formation (n.f.)
training agent
SEE trainer
training by e-mail
SEE training via electronic messaging
training CD-ROM
SEE educational CD-ROM
training coaching system système de pilotage de la formation (n.m.)
training content contenu de formation (n.m.)
training curriculum curriculum de formation (n.m.)
training-delivery organization; training organization organisme de formation (n.m.)
training delivery via Internet prestation de formation via Internet (n.f.); prestation de formation en ligne (n.f.)
training department; training division service de formation (n.m.)
training designer
SEE training developer
training developer; training designer concepteur de formations (n.m.)
training division
SEE training department
training-effectiveness analysis analyse de l'efficience formative (n.f.)
training engineering ingénierie de la formation (n.f.)
training environment environnement de formation (n.m.); milieu de formation (n.m.)
training-evaluation évaluation formative (n.f.)
training-evaluation system système d'évaluation de la formation (n.m.)
training industry industrie de la formation (n.f.)
training in education formation à l'enseignement (n.f.)
training instructor
SEE trainer
training Internet site site de formation sur Internet (n.m.)
training intranet intranet de formation (n.m.)
training leave congé de formation; congé éducatif (n.m.)
training management gestion de la formation (n.f.)
training manager gestionnaire de la formation (n.m.); responsable de la formation (n.m.)
training market marché de la formation (n.m.)
training module module de formation (n.m.)
training network réseau de formation (n.m.)
training officer
SEE trainer
training on intranet
SEE intranet training
training on the job
SEE in-service training
training organization
SEE training-delivery organization
training path parcours de formation (n.m.)
training professional
SEE training specialist
training provider; training supplier fournisseur de formations (n.m.)
training server serveur de formation (n.m.)
training service service de formation (n.m.)
training services provider fournisseur de services de formation (n.m.)
training services vendor; professional services representative; PSR prestataire de services de formation (n.m.)
training session séance de formation (n.f.)
training site lieu de formation (n.m.); site de formation (n.m.)
training situation situation formative (n.f.); situation de formation (n.f.)
training specialist; training professional spécialiste de la formation (n.m.); professionnel de la formation (n.m.)
training supervisor superviseur pédagogique (n.m.)
training supplier
SEE training provider
training technology technologie de la formation (n.f.)
training through trial and error
SEE trial-and-error training
training vendor prestataire de formations (n.m.)
training via electronic messaging; training by e-mail; distance training by e-mail formation dispensée par messagerie électronique (n.f.); formation par courriel (n.f.); téléformation via courrier électronique (n.f.)
training Web site
SEE Web-based training site
train-the-trainer program; trainer training program; instructor training program programme de formation des formateurs (n.m.); programme de formation des instructeurs (n.m.)
transferable learning; shareable learning apprentissage transférable (n.m.); apprentissage mutualisé (n.m.)
trial-and-error learning; learning by trial and error; learning through trial and error apprentissage par essais et erreurs (n.m.)
trial-and-error training; training through trial and error formation par essais et erreurs (n.f.)
triggering context
SEE learning-triggering context
turbo geek
SEE cyberholic
turbo nerd
SEE cyberholic
tutor1; coach2; tutorial coach; tutoring instructor; teaching instructor enseignant-tuteur (n.m.); formateur-tuteur (n.m.); tuteur (n.m.)
SEE tutoring system
tutored tutoré
tutored self-training; coached self-training; guided self-training; monitored self-training autoformation tutorée (n.f.); autoformation assistée (n.f.); autoformation guidée (n.f.); autoformation supervisée (n.f.)
SEE tutoring system
tutorial assistance
SEE tutor's guidance
tutorial coach
SEE tutor1
tutorial coaching
SEE tutor's guidance
tutorial development team équipe de production de tutoriels (n.f.)
tutorial instruction
SEE tutoring
tutorial storyboard development édition de story-boards tutoriels (n.f.)
tutorial system
SEE tutoring system
tutoring; tutorial instruction tutorat (n.m.)
tutoring instructor
SEE tutor1
tutoring model modèle tutoriel (n.m.)
tutoring system; tutorial system; tutor2; tutorial système de tutorat (n.m.); système tutoriel (n.m.); tutoriel (n.m.)
tutor's guidance; tutorial coaching; tutorial assistance accompagnement tutoriel (n.m.); assistance tutorielle (n.f.); pilotage tutoriel (n.m.)


English Français
universal certification system système de certification universel (n.m.)
universal learning format; ULF format d'apprentissage universel (n.m.); format ULF (n.m.)
university education éducation universitaire (n.f.)
unobtrusive coaching
SEE discreet coaching
unsupervised distance learning
SEE distance learning without a teacher
unsupervised learning
SEE learning without a teacher
updatable actualisable
upgradable optimisable
user-testing feedback rétroaction sur l'essai-utilisateur (n.f.)


English Français
SEE virtual environment
SEE Virtual Environment Operating System
video communication vidéocommunication (n.f.); visiocommunication (n.f.)
videoconference vidéoconférence (n.f.); visioconférence (n.f.); visio (n.f.)
videoconference instructor-led tutoring
SEE live online face-to-face tutoring
videoconference one-on-one tutoring
SEE live online face-to-face tutoring
videoconference training formation en visio (n.f.); formation par visioconférence (n.f.); formation via visioconférence (n.f.); visioformation (n.f.)
videoconferencing virtual class classe virtuelle en visioconférence (n.f.); classe virtuelle en visio (n.f.)
videolearning; VL apprentissage par vidéo (n.m.); vidéo-apprentissage (n.m.)
video mail; v-mail courriel vidéo (n.m.); vidéocourriel (n.m.); v-courriel (n.m.)
SEE Virtual Interface Environment Workstation
SEE online
virtual assessment centre centre d'évaluation virtuel (n.m.)
virtual book
SEE electronic book2
virtual campus campus virtuel (n.m.)
virtual classroom classe virtuelle (n.f.); CV (n.f.); salle de classe virtuelle (n.f.)
virtual-classroom exchange échange en groupe virtuel (n.m.)
virtual-classroom software
SEE e-learning software
virtual-class videoconference tutoring
SEE virtual-class videotutoring
virtual-class videotutoring; virtual-class videoconference tutoring; virtual-group videotutoring; online group videotutoring tutorat synchrone en classe virtuelle avec visio (n.m.); tutorat synchrone en groupe virtuel avec visio (n.m.); tutorat en groupe par visioconférence (n.m.)
virtual conferencing
SEE computer conferencing
virtual copresence
SEE copresence
virtual course
SEE online course
virtual-course offerings options d'apprentissage virtuel (n.f.plur.)
virtual documentation centre centre documentaire virtuel (n.m.)
virtual encyclopedia encyclopédie virtuelle (n.f.)
virtual environment; VE; virtual universe environnement virtuel (n.m.); univers virtuel (n.m.)
Virtual Environment Operating System; VEOS système d'exploitation d'environnement virtuel (n.m.); système VEOS (n.m.); VEOS (n.m.)
virtual field trip; online-simulated field trip excursion virtuelle (n.f.)
virtual-group videotutoring
SEE virtual-class videotutoring
virtual guide
SEE online mentor
virtual-hand controller
SEE dataglove
Virtual Interface Environment Workstation; VIEW poste d'interface pour environnement virtuel (n.m.); poste VIEW (n.m.); VIEW (n.m.)
SEE cyberspace representation
virtual laboratory laboratoire virtuel (n.m.)
virtual learning
SEE electronic learning
virtual-learning environment; VLE environnement d'apprentissage virtuel (n.m.); environnement VLE (n.m.); VLE (n.m.)
virtual-learning resource centre centre de ressources éducatives virtuelles (n.m.)
virtual library
SEE electronic library2
Virtual Local Area Network; VLAN réseau local virtuel (n.m.); LAN virtuel (n.m.); VLAN (n.m.)
virtual meeting
SEE computer conferencing
virtual presence présence virtuelle (n.f.)
virtual reality; VR; computer-simulated reality réalité virtuelle (n.f.); RV (n.f.); virtuel (n.m.)
virtual-reality engine
SEE artificial-reality engine
virtual-reality feedback device
SEE artificial-feedback device
virtual-reality gear; VR gear équipement de réalité virtuelle (n.m.); cyberéquipement (n.m.); équipement RV (n.m.)
Virtual Reality Modelling Language; VRML VRML; langage de modélisation de réalité virtuelle VRML (n.m.); langage VRML (n.m.)
virtual-reality representation
SEE cyberspace representation
virtual-reality sickness
SEE barf zone
virtual-reality telecommunication; VR telecommunication télécommunication en mode virtuel (n.f.); télécommunication RV (n.f.)
virtual-situation reconstruction mise en situation virtuelle (n.f.)
virtual space
SEE cyberspace
virtual tutoring tutorat virtuel (n.m.)
virtual universe
SEE virtual environment
virtual university; electronic university; e-university; online university université virtuelle (n.f.); université en ligne (n.f.); e-université (n.f.)
virtual workshop atelier de mise en situation virtuelle (n.m.); atelier virtuel (n.m.)
virtual world monde virtuel (n.m.)
visual presence présence visuelle (n.f.)
SEE videolearning
SEE Virtual Local Area Network
SEE virtual-learning environment
SEE video mail
vocational development
SEE professional development
vocational training formation métiers (n.f.)
vocational upgrading perfectionnement métiers (n.m.)
voice e-mail
SEE audio e-mail
voice mailbox boîte à lettres vocale (n.f.); boîte vocale (n.f.); courrier vocal (n.m.)
SEE school voucher
SEE virtual reality
VR feedback device
SEE artificial-feedback device
VR gear
SEE virtual-reality gear
VR glove
SEE dataglove
SEE Virtual Reality Modelling Language
VR realization
SEE cyberspace representation
VR sickness
SEE barf zone
VR telecommunication
SEE virtual-reality telecommunication
VR visualization
SEE cyberspace representation


English Français
SEE telepresence
SEE wide-area network
SEE Wireless Application Protocol
WAP-enabled learning; wireless webucation enseignement sur le Web mobile (n.m.); enseignement sur le Web sans fil (n.m.)
SEE World Wide Web
Web application
SEE Web-based application
Web-based; Web-delivered sur le Web
Web-based application; Web application application Web (n.f.)
Web-based collaborative mentoring mentorat collaboratif sur le Web (n.m.)
Web-based education; Web-based instruction; Webucation instruction disponible sur le Web (n.f.); instruction sur le Web (n.f.); éducation sur le Web (n.f.)
Web-based instruction
SEE Web-based education
Web-based learning; Web-delivered learning apprentissage sur le Web (n.m.); apprentissage disponible sur le Web (n.m.)
Web-based learning environment environnement d'apprentissage sur le Web (n.m.)
Web-based mentor mentor sur le Web (n.m.)
Web-based teaching enseignement sur le Web (n.m.)
Web-based technology; Web technology technologie Web (n.f.); technologie de médiatisation sur le Web (n.f.)
Web-based training; Web-delivered training; Web training formation sur le Web (n.f.); formation médiatisée sur le Web (n.f.); formation dispensée sur le Web (n.f.)
Web-based training program; Web training program programme de formation dispensée sur le Web (n.m.); programme de formation sur le Web (n.m.)
Web-based training site; training Web site site de formation sur le Web (n.m.)
Web-based university campus extension universitaire sur le Web (n.f.)
SEE web camera
web camera; netcam; webcam caméra Web (n.f.); netcam (n.f.); webcam (n.f.)
SEE Web casting
Web casting; Webcast diffusion sur le Web (n.f.); Webdiffusion (n.f.); transmission Web (n.f.); transmiweb (n.m.)
Web-CD hybrid hybride Web-CD (n.m.)
Web chatroom site Web de dialogue en ligne (n.m.)
Web community; Web society communauté du Web (n.f.)
Web-conferencing learning software didacticiel disponible en visio sur le Web (n.m.)
Web-content creation création de contenus sur le Web (n.f.)
Web course
SEE Web-delivered course
SEE Web-based
Web-delivered course; Web course cours sur le Web (n.m.); cours dispensé sur le Web (n.m.)
Web-delivered learning
SEE Web-based learning
Web-delivered MA
SEE Web-delivered Master of Arts
Web-delivered Master of Arts; Web-delivered MA maîtrise disponible sur le Web (n.f.) [CAN]; mastère sur le Web (n.m.) [EUR]
Web-delivered training
SEE Web-based training
Web diary
SEE blog
Web-enabled exploitable sur le Web
Web log
SEE blog
Web log author
SEE blog author
Web-mentored class
SEE Web-mentored course
Web-mentored course; Web-mentored class cours tutoré sur le Web (n.m.)
Web-mentoring mentorat dispensé sur le Web (n.m.)
Web portal
SEE portal
Web site site Web (n.m.)
Web society
SEE Web community
Web technology
SEE Web-based technology
Web training
SEE Web-based training
Web training program
SEE Web-based training program
SEE Web-based education
Whitmore's model; GROW model modèle de Whitmore (n.m.); modèle GROW (n.m.)
wide-area network; WAN; long-distance network réseau longue distance (n.m.); réseau étendu (n.m.); réseau WAN (n.m.); WAN (n.m.)
widget-oriented skills
SEE rare skills
wired glove
SEE dataglove
Wireless Application Protocol; WAP protocole d'applications sans fil (n.m.); protocole WAP (n.m.); WAP (n.m.)
wireless e-learning
SEE mobile learning
wireless e-mail courriel sans fil (n.m.)
wireless e-mail device dispositif de courriel sans fil (n.m.)
wireless Internet learning; mobile Internet learning apprentissage par Internet mobile (n.m.)
wireless LAN
SEE wireless local area network
wireless local area network; wireless LAN; WLAN réseau local sans fil (n.m.); LAN sans fil (n.m.); WLAN
wireless technology technologie sans fil (n.f.); sans fil (n.m.)
wireless webucation
SEE WAP-enabled learning
SEE wireless local area network
work-based learner
SEE on-the-job learner
work-based learning
SEE on-the-job learning
workflow software logiciel de travail en groupe (n.m.)
workplace learning
SEE on-the-job learning
workplace training
SEE in-service training
workplace Web-based learning apprentissage sur le Web au travail (n.m.)
work-related instruction
SEE work-related learning
work-related learning; work-related instruction éducation liée à l'emploi (n.f.)
world knowledge connaissance du monde (n.f.)
World Wide Web; Web; WWW; 3W World Wide Web (n.m.); WWW (n.m.); Web (n.m.); W3 (n.m.); Toile (n.f.)
SEE World Wide Web