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The <e-Adventure> platform is a research project aiming to facilitate the integration of educational games and game-like simulations in educational processes in general and Virtual Learning Environments (VLE) in particular. It is being developed by the e-UCM e-learning research group at Universidad Complutense de Madrid, with three main objectives:

  • Reduction of the development costs for educational games
  • Incorporation of education-specific features in game development tools
  • Integration of the resulting games with existing courseware in Virtual Learning Environments,
(e-Adventure project website, retrieved April 11, 2010)

In principle, an e-Adventure game can be imported to LAMS (starting version 2.3.5).


E-Adventure is an open source project written in Java.

“The core of the <e-Adventure> project is the <e-Adventure> educational game engine, that runs games defined using the <e-Adventure> language. Authors can use the graphical editor to create the games or directly access the human-readable source documents that describe the adventures using XML markup. With <e-Adventure>, any person can write an educational point & click adventure game.” (e-Adventure project website, retrieved April 11, 2010)