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Cyber security education is an integral part of technology education. It is aimed at raising awareness about online threats and teaching methods of protection against them. It does not longer belong to online security specialists’ are of responsibility due to a wide prevalence of cybercrime. The problem of a quality cyber security education lies in a lack of educational materials designed for non-specialists. Most people do not know how to protect their information. For instance, they do not create strong passwords, are not aware about the need to clean browser cache, or use applications that collect their personal information. Moreover, Internet users often do not know about the possible consequences of being a cybercriminals’ victim.

With a goal to change this situation, there have been created cyber security courses available for all Internet users.

Free online cyber security courses

1. Heimdal security course.

2. Introduction to cyber security and Cyber security: Safety at Home, Online, in Life from Futurelearn.

3. Cyber Securityand Cyber Criminals Want Your Information: Stop Them Cold! on Udemy.

4. Introduction to Cyber Security From Canvas.

5. Cyber Aces courses.

Cybersecurity degrees and certifications

1. Abertay University

Dundee, Scotland

Degrees Offered:

Master's in Ethical Hacking & Computer Security

BSc in Ethical Hacking

2. Bellevue University

Bellevue, Nebraska

Degrees Offered:

Cybersecurity, B.S.

Cybersecurity, M.S.

3. Boston University

Boston, MA

Degrees Offered:

Bachelor's in Computer Science with Concentration in Cryptography & Data Security

M.S. with Specialization in Cyber Security

4. California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Pomona, CA

Degrees Offered:

CIS Undergraduate Program with Information Assurance Track

5. California State University, San Bernardino

San Bernardino, CA

Degrees Offered:

Undergraduate Programs

Bachelors in Business Administration with Cyber Security Concentration

Bachelors in Information Systems & Technology with Cyber Security Intelligence Concentration

Bachelors in Criminal Justice - Crime Analysis, Technical Proficiency Cyber Security

Graduate Programs

Master of Business Administration with Cyber Security Focus

Master of Public Administration with Cyber Security Concentration

National Security Studies program offers Cyber Security concentration

Certificate Program

Cyber Security Certificate

6. Carnegie Mellon University

Pittsburgh, PA

Degrees Offered:

Graduate Programs

Master's in Information Security and Assurance

Master's in Information Security

Master's in Information Technology - Information Security

Master's in Information Technology - Privacy Engineering

Master's in Information Security Policy and Management

Graduate degree programs are offered in information networking, information security, and information technology

7. Colorado Technical University

Colorado Springs, CO; Aurora (Denver area); CO, and Sioux Falls, SD; in addition to online programs and courses

Degrees Offered:

Bachelor's in Cyber Security with concentrations in Computer Systems Security and Information Assurance

Master's in Information Technology - Security Management

8. De Montfort University

Leicester, U.K.

Degrees Offered:

Master's in Cyber Security

Bachelor's in Computer Security

Forensic Computing for Practitioners MSc/PG Dip/PG Cert

Doctorate in Cyber Security and Software Technology

Master's in Cyber Technology

9. DePaul University

Chicago, IL

Degrees Offered:

Master's in Computer, Information and Network Security with concentrations including Computer Security, Network Security, and Governance, Risk Mgt & Compliance

Bachelor's in Information Assurance and Security Engineering

10. Eindhoven University of Technology

Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Degrees Offered:

Master's in Information Security Technology

Master's in Cyber Security

11. Florida Atlantic University

Boca Raton, FL

Degrees Offered:

Bachelor's in Management Information Systems with concentration in Information Security

Certificate in Information Security

12. Florida Institute of Technology

Melbourne, FL

Degrees Offered:

Master's in Information Assurance & Cybersecurity

Master's in Information Technology - Cybersecurity

13. George Washington University

Washington, D.C.

Degrees Offered:

Master's in Cybersecurity in Computer Science

Master's in Cybersecurity Strategy and Information Management

Master's in Cybersecurity

Master of Engineering in Cyber security Policy and Compliance

Master's in National Security & U.S. Foreign Relations Law

14. Georgia Institute of Technology

Atlanta, GA

Degrees Offered:

M.S. in Cybersecurity - Information Security Track

Cyber Security Certificate

15. Kansas State University

Manhattan, KS

Degrees Offered:

Master's of Technology with concentration in UAS Cybersecurity

Master's in Software Engineering

Bachelors in Computer Science

16. Lancaster University

Lancaster, U.K.

Degrees Offered:

Master's in Cyber Security

17. Naval Postgraduate School

Monterey, CA

Degrees Offered:

Master of Science in Applied Cyber Operations

Master of Science in Cyber Systems and Operations

Master of Science in Information Strategy and Political Warfare

Master of Science in Information Warfare Systems Engineering

Doctor of Philosophy in Security Studies

Cyber Security Certificates

18. Newcastle University

Newcastle, U.K.

Degrees Offered:

Master's in Computer Security and Resilience

Queen's University Belfast

19. Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK

Degrees Offered:

Master's in Cyber Security

20. Royal Holloway University

London, U.K.

Degrees Offered:

Bachelor's in Computer Science with Information Security specialization

Master's in Information Security (integrated Master's option)

Doctorate in Information Security