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The term connected learning is used in several contexts. In this entry we define it's use by the MacArthur foundation to describe a specific kind of pedagogy. “Connected learning [is] learning that is socially connected, interest-driven, and oriented towards educational opportunity.” (Connected Learning Research Network, retrieved 15:06, 14 March 2012 (CET))

The Mozilla Open Badges for Lifelong Learning white paper (2011) summarizes Connected learning as:

1) participatory, demanding active social engagement and contribution in knowledge communities and collectives;

2) learner-centered, empowering individuals of all ages to take ownership of their learning linked across a wide range of settings -- in school, at home, and informally with friends and peers;

3) interest-driven, propelled by the energies of learners pursuing their unique passions and specialties;

4) inclusive, drawing in people from diverse backgrounds and walks of life across generational, socioeconomic, and cultural boundaries.





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