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Collage is a Collaborative learning flow pattern editor. It allows a designer to configure a design pattern. The result is saved in IMS Learning Design format. It could be played with any LD player.

“The Collage authoring tool guides and supports the course teacher in the process of authoring computer-interpretable representations (using the IMS learning design standard notation) of effective collaborative pedagogical designs.” (Hernández-Leo, 2007).

Current status and availability

Initial Beta version

On June 2008, a Beta version of Collage was published. This Collage version is free software and available from Source Forge It is built on top of the Reload Learning Design Editor.

New version

As of 2012, there is a new prototype for a web-based version. As of April 2014, it is open to the public. However, we do not know, if it will remain open. You can try one of the serveurs at the following site.

To use it: Enable popups in your browser.


Shortly for now:

  • User should specify the type of scenario
  • Zero, one or more CLFPs are suggested (relax the constraints when no pattern is shown)
  • Select one and the edit the general desciption of the learning unit
  • Edit the collaborative learning flow. For each pattern, editing will be different.
Editing a TAPPS CLFP



Hernández-Leo, D, Villasclaras-Fernández, E. D., Asensio-Pérez, J. I, Dimitriadis, Y., Jorrín-Abellán, I. M., Ruiz-Requies, I., & Rubia-Avi, B. (2006). COLLAGE: A collaborative Learning Design editor based on patterns. Educational Technology & Society, 9 (1), 58-71.

See also the references in the collaborative learning flow pattern article.