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1 Week 5 COAP 2180

2 Monday

Easter holiday

3 Wednesday - midterm

Midterm - preparation

For your mid-term exam (this Wednesday) you will receive a task like the following one:

Please create a DTD that models the following type of Documents: __________________

  • Your model should "capture" the most important information blocks
  • Use at least ___ elements

Suggested procedure:

  • Sketch out the DTD structure on paper (or with an editor)
  • Create the DTD
  • Validate the DTD
  • Create an XML test file
  • Revise DTD if needed


  • Save frequently
  • If you start making revisions to the DTD towards the end of the exam, create a new version of DTD and the XML.

Bonus points:

  • Use of attributes and/or DTD entities when appropriate
  • Use of some elements for styling longer text, e.g. bullets and paragraphs
  • Very complete test files
  • Comments in the DTD

Upload the following:

  • DTD file
  • XML test file