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Grading forms and grading scale

I usually use a 4-point grading scale system and compute a final score using the weighted means at the end of the class.

Report structure

Feel free to organize your report in any way you like. However, try to be "academic", i.e. discuss design issues as opposed to "telling the teacher"...

Reports typically could include the following kind of information:

  • Name, homework number, date, etc.
  • Objectives: E.g. who is your target population (authors, readers)? What are they supposed to do with your "product"?, ....
  • Design decisions (if appropriate) or critique (if you have to use an existing schema)
  • Explanation and discussion of your design
  • Design and implementation of your visual design (less important)
  • Short "how you did it"
  • Problems you encountered

You can use any format for the report (e.g. HTML, PDF or Word).

Grading Scale

I will use this to compute your grade at the end of the course

Letter Scale                       US scale
A+	4.0	Excellent           100.00
A	3.8	Very good	     92.00
A-	3.5	Almost very good     89.00
B+	3.1	Pretty good	     85.00
B	2.8	Good	             82.00
B-	2.5	Reasonably good	     79.00
C+	2.1	Fair	             75.00
C	1.8	Rather weak / minim. 72.00
C-	1.5	Minimalist / Weak    69.00
D+	1.1		             65.00
D	0.8	Pass	             62.00
F	0.7	Fail	             61.00

Final grade

Exams: 20 + 20       = 40%
Homework (best four) = 40%
Term project         = 10%
Participation        = 10%