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1 Week 1 - Create fancy animated presentations with impress.js


2 Monday

Impress.js demos

Student activities / impress.js
(find the Download ZIP button to the right)
  • Unpack the zip archive
  • Copy index.html to project1.html
  • Copy index.html to save.html
  • Modify contents of project1.html

3 Wednesday

  • Impress.js continued (Styling with CSS)
  • Flash Crash course (to be confirmed)

Student activities (hw 1 preparation)

Get the following files ("save link as"):

Students who already started working on their own presentation, may only have a look the file (your choice ...)

4 Flash CS6 crash course

(given in the context of a catchup class to be announced ....)

Elements of the Flash Desktop
Creating simple Drawings

Topics: Stage size, Drawing modes, Selecting objects, Drawing and painting tools, Erasing and alignment, Colors, Adding text

Simple use of Layers
Importing clipart and textures
Introduction to motion animation
Embedded movie clips

5 Homework 1

  • Create a presentation with
  • You can freely choose a topic and reuse prior work.
  • Your presentation must be uploaded as a zip file to the World classroom (Canevas)


  • Monday, week three, before class

6 Homework 2

To be confirmed !! Only for students without prior Flash knowledge !

  • Create an animation with Flash CS6 using motion tweens.
  • The moving object must have an embedded animation. In other words, there will be an motion animation on the main time line and another one within the symbol that is being animated.
  • Upload the *.fla file to the Worldclassroom


  • TBA

7 Documentation / Links

CSS tutorial
Documentation for techies