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  • BGuILE = (Biology Guided Inquiry Learning Environment)
  • “BGuILE learning environments bring scientific inquiry into middle school science and high school biology classrooms. The environments consist of computer-based scenarios and associated classroom activities in which students conduct authentic scientific investigations” (Project Goals, retrieved 16:27, 17 July 2006 (MEST))

Currently, BGuILE consists of four computer-based scenarios.

See also: microworlds, guided discovery learning, simulation, computer-based learning.


BGuILE software is freely available from


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(many publications are freely available there).

  • Reiser, B. J., Tabak, I., Sandoval, W. A., Smith, B., Steinmuller, F., Leone, T. J., BGuILE: Stategic and Conceptual Scaffolds for Scientific Inquiry in Biology Classrooms in S.M. Carver & D. Klahr (Eds.) (2001). Cognition and Instruction: Twenty five years of progress. Mahvah, NJ: Erlbaum PDF