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1 Definition

Macromedia (now Adobe) Authorware is a multimedia authoring system (environment, tool) for creating computer-based Wikipedia: Multimedia learning applications. It includes LMS integration that allows for the development of AICC or SCORM compliant content packages. It also includes a (free) Web Player.

Authorware is a multimedia authoring program designed explicitly for learning. Among Authorware's features is that it enables developers to create sophisticated interactivity without having to write any scripts or do any programming. Authorware also comes with scripting capabilities for developers who want to create even more complex interactivity in Authorware.

2 Features

  • Visual programming language (drag and drop icons to create your application's logical outline, and use menus to add content)
  • Built-in data tracking (built-in variables for student activities)
  • Support for all sorts of rich media
  • Scriptable

3 Learning Authorware

The initial learning curve is relatively small since there is a graphical programming environment. However, beginners may soon get stuck since they do not understand underlying concepts (such as variables or branching).

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