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According to Barbara Glover et al., “Affinity diagrams can be used for almost anything from project definition to analyzing product evaluations and everything in between.” Here we use this term to describe a as a variant for card sorting.

Method for item sorting


  • Buy post-it notes or figure out a different method for sticking cards to a surface (beware of wind !)
  • For each site content (information, services) etc. write down a label (same procedure as in card sorting


  • Tell participants to look for items that seem to be related
  • Sort the post-its into groups until all have been used. All cards of the same group should be aligned vertically on a table or a wall
  • Ask participants to write out labels for these groups on blank post-its.
  • Repeat as many times as needed

You can allow participants to create sub-groups, i.e. a mind map-like structure.