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1 Introduction

Flash XML Graphics (FXG) is Adobes new graphics interchange format.

“FXG 2.0 describes an XML-based graphics interchange format for the Flash Platform. FXG contains high-level graphical and text primitives that can be used to create, group, transform and visually modify basic vector and bitmap shapes. The FXG rendering model follows very closely the Flash Player 10 rendering model and exposes all graphics capabilities of the Flash platform as well as offering expandable support to accommodate future capabilities of the Flash Player. The specification below dives into the technical details governing every element of FXG 2.0” (FXG 2.0 - Functional and Design Specification, retrieved March 2011.

See also: SVG, the open standard.

2 Software

  • Various Adobe products, in particular Catalyst, Illustrator and Flex 4 (to document)
  • Inkscape has an beta version of a FXG exporter. Read SpecFXGExport (Inkscape wiki) and the ongoing discussion on launchpad (12:27, 9 March 2011 (CET))

3 Links

3.1 Specification

3.2 Introductions and discussion

  • FXG (Wikipedia)

3.3 Tutorials

  • Using FXG, Adobe, Using Flex 4 manual (retrieved March 2010).