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  • Adaptive Hypertexts adapt to the user's behavior and/or preferences.
  • "By adaptive hypermedia systems we mean all hypertext and hypermedia systems which reflect some features of the user in the user model and apply this model to adapt various visible and functional aspects of the system to the user." Adaptive Hypertext & Hypermedia

“A contribution to adaptive hypermedia systems are adaptive hyperbooks (Henze, 2000) which personalize the access to information to the particular needs of users. They give users the ability to define their own learning goals, propose next reasonable learning steps to take, support project-based learning, give alternative views, and they can be extended by documents written by the learners.” (Henze, 2001).

See also hypertext, learning style, intelligent tutoring system.



  • Interbook (includes papers + free system download for MacOS)

Document and link repositories


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