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Of course, in a Wiki, all pages are always under construction. However, we mean it for real.

  • If you see a page with the "Under construction" banner, it means that someone is in principle working on it. But it may happen that people forget to take this banner away. See the category under construction for a full list.

More generally speaking, there are other kinds of "under construction" pages:

  • It may be a page that just has been started, i.e. it is a stub page.
  • It may be an incomplete page, e.g. some contents are missing, some stuff may not be accurate, English may be awful. See the category of incomplete pages. So far (March 2008), most entries are incomplete.

In the context of the whole wiki, "under construction" means:

  • Categories are not yet stable
  • Overview articles are (still) missing
  • Important topics are missing, in particular, some core technology
  • English may need serious editing

DSchneider 18:18, 23 March 2006 (MET), revised 17:45, 2 April 2008 (UTC).