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Neverwinter Nights (NWN) is a computer game of the RPG (Role Playing Game) variety.

Some people claim that its engine allows to script educational software (references below are not complete ...)


Games Versions

Neverwinter Night games are produced by BioWare

  • Neverwinter Nights I (2002)
    • available extensions
  • Neverwinter Nights II (2006)

These 2 versions are not compatible. E.g. educational expansion packs for NWN I will not play within the NWN II engine.

Third party tools

  • ScriptEase
  • Flip is a visual language that makes it easy for people without programming skills to script events when creating their own computer games using the Neverwinter Nights 2 Electron toolset. (2011).


Game and scripting tutorials
  • NWN2 Toolset. Forum including useful shorts tutorials on how to build interiors, exteriors etc. by BenBW.
  • Altered learning website of a company that does seem to create educational games with the NWN I engine (however there isn't any useful information)


Press or various webpages

(articles below are mostly useless, i.e. do not contain any information about the pedagogical goals, scenarios, etc.)

  • Merlin John (2006) All in the Game,, retrieved 16:43, 28 December 2006 (MET).
More academic

(see also: articles in Computer game)

  • M. Carbonaroa, M. Cutumisub, H Duffa, S. Gillisc, C. Onuczkob, J. Schaefferb, A. Schumacherb, J. Siegelb, D. Szafronb, and K. Waughb, Adapting a Commercial Role-Playing Game for Educational Computer Game Production. PDF
  • Mike Carbonaro et al. Adapting a Commercial Role-Playing Game for Educational Computer Game Production, Proceedings of DiGRA 2005 Conference: Changing Views - Worlds in Play. PDF
  • Howland, K., Good, J., du Boulay, B. (2008). A Game Creation Tool which Supports the Development of Writing Skills: Interface Design Considerations. In Proceedings of Narrative and Interactive Learning Environments (NILE 2008), pp. 23-29, Edinburgh, UK. PDF
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