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Within IMS specifications, learning technology system (LTS) is used to define run-time environments for IMS Content Packages (including IMS Simple Sequencing or IMS Learning Design.

A web-based learning technology system is "a learning technology system that uses web-browsers as the primary means of interaction with learners and the Internet or an intranet as the primary means of communication among its subsystems and with other systems." LESTER. See LMS.

  • Currently (16:58, 10 April 2006 (MEST)), there don't seem to any global standards for LTS (including LMSs). The only thing standard are data standards such as the ones from IMS. Therefore, in practice "the is it a standard question" refers to the ability of system to import/export certain data formats.

Standardization initiatives

  • SCORM defines behaviors of relatively simple e-learning systems.
This Standard specifies a high level architecture for information technology-supported learning, education, and training systems that describes the high-level system design and the components of these systems.
This Standard covers a wide range of systems, commonly known as learning technology, education and training technology, computer-based training, computer assisted instruction, intelligent tutoring, metadata, etc.. This Standard is pedagogically neutral, content-neutral, culturally neutral, and platform-neutral.

It seems that this working group is dead now (16:58, 10 April 2006 (MEST)), but some stuff is still online. DSchneider doesn't know why, but thinks that it was both a too ambitious project and it also may have suffered from the much simpler SCORM initiative.

Architecture of an LTS

Here is a picture from the inactive LTSA IEEE group: