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“IMS LTI complements the Common Cartridge standard with access to rich, web-based applications or Tools embedded into cartridges with active, authenticated links back to the centrally hosted content. High stakes or premium content can be integrated into specific learning contexts and support the retrieval of results, making the value of eBooks and online content a reality.”. (IMS GLC Common Cartridge Profile: Implementation

“Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI)™ is a specification developed by IMS Global Learning Consortium. The principal concept of LTI is to establish a standard way of integrating rich learning applications (often remotely hosted and provided through third-party services) with platforms like learning management systems, portals, or other educational environments. In LTI these learning applications are called Tools (delivered by Tool Providers) and the LMS, or platforms, are called Tool Consumers.” (What is Learning Tools Interoperability™? (IMS, retrieved 4/2013)

See also:

  • Moodle (some info about its LTI support)

History of specifications:

  • LTI v1.1 was released in March 2012
  • LIT v1.1.1 was released in July 2012.
  • LTI 2.x is a draft specification as of April 2013.
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Lists of LTI enabled tools