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IMS Learner Information Package is a specification to model learner information. Version 1 was finalized in 2001. We do not know if this standard is used anywhere.

IMS Learner Information Package is based on a data model that describes those characteristics of a learner needed for the general purposes of:

  • Recording and managing learning-related history, goals, and accomplishments;
  • Engaging a learner in a learning experience;
  • Discovering learning opportunities for learners.
The specification supports the exchange of learner information among learning management systems, human resource systems, student information systems, enterprise e-learning systems, knowledge management systems, resume repositories, and other systems used in the learning process. In this document such systems will be called learner information systems regardless of any other functionality they possess or roles they fulfil. The IMS Learner Information Package specification does not address requests for learner information or the exchange transaction mechanism.

(IMS Learner Information Packaging Information Model Specification, Final Specification, Version 1.0)


The core data structures of the model are the following:

The IMS Learner Information Package (LIP) core data structures
  • Identification: Biographic and demographic data relevant to learning;
  • Goal: Learning, career and other objectives and aspirations;
  • Qualifications, Certifications and Licenses (qcl): Qualifications, certifications and licenses granted by recognized authorities;
  • Activity: Any learning-related activity in any state of completion. Could be self-reported. Includes formal and informal education, training, work experience, and military or civic service;
  • Transcript: A record that is used to provide an institutionally-based summary of academic achievement. The structure of this record can take many forms;
  • Interest: Information describing hobbies and recreational activities;
  • Competency: Skills, knowledge, and abilities acquired in the cognitive, affective, and/or psychomotor domains;
  • Affiliation: Membership of professional organizations, etc. Membership of groups is covered by the IMS Enterprise specification;
  • Accessibility: General accessibility to the learner information as defined through language capabilities, disabilities, eligibilities and learning preferences including cognitive preferences (e.g. issues of learning style), physical preferences (e.g. a preference for large print), and technological preferences (e.g. a preference for a particular computer platform);
  • Securitykey: The set of passwords and security keys assigned to the learner for transactions with learner information systems and services;
  • Relationship: The set of relationships between the core components. The core structures do not have within them identifiers that link to the core structures. Instead all of these relationships are captured in a single core structure thereby making the links simpler to identify and manage.

(IMS Learner Information Packaging Information Model Specification V1, retrieved March 2020)

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