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IMS Global Learning Consortium is probably the major player in the world of e-learning standards.

Here is a quote from their WebSite (Feb 2006): "The mission of the IMS Global Learning Consortium is to support the adoption and use of learning technology worldwide. IMS is a non-profit organization that includes more than 50 Contributing Members and affiliates" ... "MS develops and promotes the adoption of open technical specifications for interoperable learning technology. Several IMS specifications have become worldwide de facto standards for delivering learning products and services. IMS specifications and related publications are made available to the public at no charge."

The role of IMS

(this section needs rewriting. It's a bit confusing and it's not complete - DSchneider 12:27, 14 December 2006 (MET))

Until recently IMS was (in my opinion) the champion of promoting e_learning as a form of computer-based training, i.e. web-based training or e-instruction.

Some of their major contributions to standardization are:

These standards also have been adopted by the influential SCORM "standards".

More recently, in the mid and end-2000's, there were several interesting additions:

IMS LTI and IMS CC may be in competition with the latest SCORM initiatives. E.g. we believe that IMS CC is roughly equivalent to SCORM 2004 and that SCORM's "Tin Can" API is more powerful than IMS LTI. But we didn't test any of these, partly because implementors of most LMSs in use of higher education are hopelessly behind and sort of more or less recent standard.