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“The Common Cartridge harnesses a variety of IMS specifications addressing content packaging, assessment, and integration with third-party tools. These are augmented with IEEE LOM for metadata and support for SCORM 2004.”

According to IMS, retrieved 19:36, 31 October 2012 (CET), “Common Cartridge is the first of three major standards that comprise a new generation of Digital Learning Services standards to support a new generation of learning technology. These are:

  • Organized and distributed digital learning content (Common Cartridge - CC)
  • Applications, systems, and mash-ups (Learning Tools Interoperability - LTI)
  • Learner information: privileges and outcomes (Learning Information Services – LIS)”

A first version was published as v1.0 in Jan 2009, the final v1.1 was published on Jan 10 2011 and version 1.2. final on oct 1, 2011.

See also: IMS, SCORM

Common Cartrige 1.2

Common cartridge profile 1.2. encompasses:

Note: “A Basic LTI resource represents a simplified and self-contained LTI link. This resource refers to an XML file that contains the information needed to create in a Tool Consumer (an LMS or learning platform) a link or similar. When activated by the user, passes the user to a Tool Provider along with contextual information about the user and Consumer.” (IMS GLC Common Cartridge Profile: Implementation, retr. oct 2012). IMS Learning Tools Interoperability is a different more ambitious standard that is not integrated so far with Common Cartridge.