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CSCW is the use of computers in cooperative, coordinated and collaborative work groups under various conditions of task , time and space

The term computer supported cooperative work (CSCW) was first coined by Irene Greif and Cashman in 1984, at a workshop attended by individuals interested in using technology to support people in their work (Grudin 1994). According to Carstensen and Schmidt (2002), CSCW addresses "how collaborative activities and their coordination can be supported by means of computer systems." On the one hand, many authors consider that CSCW and groupware are synonyms. On the other hand, different authors claim that while groupware refers to real computer-based systems, CSCW focuses on the study of tools and techniques of groupware as well as their psychological, social, and organizational effects.

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See also: CSCL (Computer-supported collaborative learning) and groupware

Typology of CSCW software

Johansen (1988) defined the following typology, also reproduced in Baecker et al (1995: 742):

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