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Very likely, this is a dead project as of March 2019. All the links seem to be broken.

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ASK-LDT is a stand alone application for Microsoft Windows OS and it facilitates creation of Templates for Educational Design and Educational Scenarios based on the interconnection of Learning Activities following the IMS Learning Design Specification (IMS LD). ASK-LDT also supports packaging of Learning Activities along with related learning resources by incorporating a content packaging module conformant with IMS Content Packaging Specification (IMS CP).

Customized versions of ASK-LDT has been used by: a) 5 Science Education Pedagogical Designers in COSMOS Portal for designing Generic Science Education Pedagogical Templates b) 650 Science Education Teachers in COSMOS Portal for developing Science Education Scenarios based on Reference Generic Science Education Pedagogical Templates c) 60 Language Learning Trainers in Mobile2Learn Portal for developing Mobile Training Courses based on reference Generic Mobile Training Course Templates (suitable for Language Learning) and d) 70 Disabled People Trainers in eAccess2Learn Portal for developing eTraining Courses based on reference Generic eTraining Course Templates (suitable for Disabled People Training. ASK-LDT is available for download from the links below:

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