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This piece should include some theory, models and examples about teaching various subjects through music.

1 Use cases

Using music as medium seems to be fairly popular in language education but also in some religious cultures. I also have seen examples of science education (e.g. They Might Be Giants – teaching science through music) and social issues/civic education.

From the Pilgrims TMV - Teaching through Music and Visual Art.pdf Teaching Through Music And Visual Art Course also here (retrieved 15:14, 21 October 2009 (UTC)):

  • Using art as a stimulus for task based learning and integrated skills teaching
  • Putting life into course book exercises and filling in the gaps often missing in the course book content
  • Using music in as an aid to classroom management and for working with different levels of energy throughout the day.
  • Ways of using the arts to enable more effective learning with âdifficultâ or unmotivated students.
  • Using music to enhance areas of learning such as pronunciation, vocabulary, and fluency practice
  • Using art and music as a basis for storytelling, drama and movement

2 Links

2.1 Examples

  • Now Add Kids]. “Over 200 points of the National Curriculum are addressed including major subjects such as: Personal Development Skills, English, Music and Dance, Physical Education, Art and Design, Religious Studies, Mathematics, Citizenship and Values, Respect and Responsibility.” (retrieved 15:14, 21 October 2009 (UTC)).
  • The Zinghoppers Show “is a curriculum enhancement program for young children that features music, movement, puppetry, drama, storytelling and comedy.”, retrieved 15:14, 21 October 2009 (UTC)