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multiple objects to just 2 targets

I have been through the tutorial and was wondering if there is anyway to make this work with using multiple objects to just 2 targets? i am trying to create a elearning exercise and the student needs to drag several different objects to either a "right" or "Wrong" target. Any help would be greatly appricated

A first step

I am too awfully busy to help and did not do any Flash since I wrote these articles. In principle however it should be fairly easy. Start from the final example and change it like this. Make two targets with names box_1 and box_2 for example. Then change code like this:
dict[box_1] = cat;
dict[box_2] = dog;
dict[box_1] = rocket;
dict[box_1] = bat;
dict[box_2] = apple;

This is probably not enough (e.g. on ought to be able to see what sits in a target), but right now I can't help more. - Daniel K. Schneider 11:24, 6 February 2008 (MET)