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Category:MediaWiki extension
Semantic Forms Inputs
Extension name Semantic Forms Inputs
About this article / disclaimer
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Location of the main author Noordwijk
Coordinates of the main authors 52.241086, 4.446197
Developers Stephan Gambke, Yaron Koren, Jeroen De Dauw, Sanyam Goyal, Yury Katkov, others
Description Semantic Forms Inputs is an extension to MediaWiki that provides additional input types for Semantic MediaWikis that use the Semantic Forms extension.
Mediawiki requirements Version 1.17 or better
Related extensions (documented here) Semantic Forms
Related extensions
Discussion If you understand how to use Semantic Forms, this extension should be easy to "pick up" ...
Language support
First release date 2009/09/27
Last release date (as of 2013/07/01!) 2013/05/01
Last version number 0.7
Programming language PHP
Website home page
Support websites web site
Example websites
Last edited 2013/07/01

Semantic Forms Inputs was an extension for Page Forms, i.e. allows to define an additional series of input widgets and values. As of 2017 it is deprecated, i.e. integrated into Page forms

The Semantic Forms extension allows users to add, edit and query data of a Semantic MediaWiki using forms. For every form field the input type specifies the type of input a field will have in the form. Semantic Forms comes with basic input types for all data types. This extension -- Semantic Forms Inputs -- aims to collect further, optically and/or functionally enhanced input types.

The official documentation is very well done and the topic is easy if you understand how to use Semantic Forms which is not easy. Therefore, read both our own little text and the official Semantic Forms documentation....

Example codes

The following defines two listboxes. To the left you will get all the values of the category:MediaWiki extension and to the right all that are selected. A life demo provided in the form used of this page (Edit with form).

! Related extensions (documented in this wiki)
| {{{field|related|input type=two listboxes |values from category=MediaWiki extension|size=100}}}