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1 Definition

This is an overview page on things related to science teaching

2 Links

  • Hassard, Jack, 2005, The Art of Teaching Science, Syllabus Helpers and Agenda Strategies to support the "Art of Teaching Science" book. HTML



A (not the) short list:

  • ISSOTL conferences( International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning),
  • NABT conferences (The National Association of Biology Teachers, USA),
  • AAAS conferences (The American Association for the Advancement of Science),
  • AERA conferences (American Educational Research Association)
  • ASE conferences (Association of Science Education, UK)
  • EARLI and EARLI SIG conferences (European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction)
  • ESERA (European Science Education Research Association)


Science for all

Kits for teaching

  • is an open-access website offering informative animations and activities for anyone who wants to teach or learn about synthetic biology.
  • See also: (some) microworlds

3 References

  • Hassard, Jack, 2004, The Art of Teaching Science, Oxford Univesity Press.
  • Hassard, Jack, 2000, Minds ON Science Online, A Web Course on Teaching Science, Georgia State, [1] (this is a very nice on-line open access book on learning theory and models of science teaching).
  • Hassard, Jack, Using the Internet As An Effective Science Teaching Tool, HTML