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eTeach-Net is a joint project involving 9 higher education institutions in Switzerland (UniGE, UniSG, UniBS,USI, ETHZ, SUPSI, BFH, FHNW, ZFH) and also training organizations. The major objective of the project is to develop reusable teaching modules about technical, pedagogical and didactic concepts of e-teaching. These modules will mainly be integrated into the curricula of postgraduate studies: For example a sequence of five modules will be part of a course for the International Engineering Educator Diploma (ING-PAED IGIP); another module will be integrated into a master course on Human Resources Management; a further module on virtual projects will be an integral part of a master degree in educational technologies.

Some of the material will also be used for faculty development (in particular by partners from support structures). In order to enhance retention and transfer, some of the resources will also be set up and made available as follow-up of the courses.

This Wiki has been set up for the Module 7 "Virtual Projects" course. Projects have become the common element of almost any work activity. The module introduces methods and tools for the efficient organization and management of project-based teaching. The principal role of this Wiki is to support "learning by writing scenarios". Although we do prepare some texts regarding major concepts related to project-oriented learning, other contents will be added by students and existing contents will be altered and/or annotated by students.

This module will be offered in different forms in different settings:

  1. 6 crédit course - Conception et technologies de l'enseignement par projets (Summer semester 2006 / TECFA's Master MALTT in Educational Technologies)
  2. 2 credit course - Certificat de formation continue en technologies éducatives TECFA/UniFR/Montréal/Mons (Planned start: Fall 2006)
  3. Short module - IGIP Summer School on Engineering Education (summer 2006)

1 eTeach-Net

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