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<div id="front_left">
<div id="front_left">
<div class="front_title">Welcome to EduTechWiki</div>
<div class="front_title">Welcome to EduTechWiki</div>
<div style="font-size:500%">THIS IS CLONE of . DO NOT USE !!</div>

EduTechWiki is about '''Educational Technology''' (''instructional technology'') and related fields. It is hosted by [ TECFA], University of Geneva.
It is a '''resource kit''' for [[educational technology]] teaching and research, e.g. a [[note taking]] tool for researchers;  a [[literature review]] tool or a [[writing-to-learn]] environment for students.  It also includes  (technical) [[:Category:Tutorials|tutorial]]s that may be used in classes around the world or for self-learning.
Many articles also can be useful to teachers, instructional designers and e-learning consultants. Read [[EduTech Wiki:About|more about our objectives]].
EduTechWiki currently contains {{NUMBEROFARTICLES}} articles. The [[:fr:Accueil | french version]] has different contents and includes many contributions from our own students. Send questions to [[User:Daniel K. Schneider|Daniel K. Schneider]] (he "''owns''" this wiki and is to blame for [[Special:ContributionScores|most]] contents). Other major contributors are/were [[User:Kalli|Kalli Benetos]], [[User:Widged|Marielle Lange]], [[User:Stek|Stéphane Lattion]], Students of [[user:Elizabeth Murphy|Elizabeth Murphy]]. We also get occasional help from other people, thanx to you all !
<div class="front_title">Status and authoring guidelines</div>
This is a '''long term project''': Most articles still ''lack content, depth, style, authority'' or all four together and will be improved over the years. We also use the wiki as an e-learning platform (mostly the [[:fr:Accueil | french version]]).
* Anybody is welcome to participate. In order to fight spamming, account creation is subject to review. You may ''sign'' your contributions and express opinions. This is ''not'' Wikipedia. We also very much appreciate people fixing little mistakes (spelling, grammar, references,...) !
* Other university teachers may  [[Help:Bringing classes to EduTechWiki|bring classes to EduTechWiki]] for writing activities ('''please read''' [[Help:Bringing classes to EduTechWiki|this]] if you plan to do so).
* If you are new to wiki technology, please browse through [[Help:Contents | help]] and then make some tests in our [[SandBox]]. You also may consult the [[Help:Editing rules|Editing rules]] or [[EduTech_Wiki:Terms_of_Service|Terms of service]].
<div class="front_title">News ([ all wikilogs/old news] )</div>
<span style="color:red;font-weight:bold">The Wiki has been upgraded in sept 2016. Some stuff doesn't properly work yet, but will be fixed over time. - [[User:Daniel K. Schneider|Daniel K. Schneider]] ([[User talk:Daniel K. Schneider|talk]]) 14:27, 27 September 2016 (CEST)</span>
Due to an upgrade to MW REL1_15, the Wikilog extension is broken. I hope to fix it sometimes soon, but just right now I cannot find the time for it - [[User:Daniel K. Schneider|Daniel K. Schneider]] ([[User talk:Daniel K. Schneider|talk]]) 23:54, 22 September 2015 (CEST)
Subscribe to the [[image:feed-icon.png|link=]]
[ Atom] or  [[image:feed-icon.png|link=]]
[ RSS] feed for [[Blog:DKS|Daniel K. Schneider's wikilog/bliki]]. If ''you'' are interested in Mediawiki blikis, there is some [[Help:Wikilog|help]].
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