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“ECMAScript is a scripting programming language, standardized by Ecma International in the ECMA-262 specification. The language is widely used on the web, and is often referred to as JavaScript or JScript, after the two primary implementations of the specification.” (Wikipedia), retrieved 12:49, 22 May 2007 (MEST)).

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  • Standard ECMA-357, ECMAScript for XML (E4X) Specification, 2nd edition (December 2005)
    • This is a new standard that isn't very much implemented yet.
Under preparation
Failed standards


Human readable ECMAScript manuals don't seem to exist. We therefore suggest to consult JavaScript manuals, in particular

Daniel K. Schneider doesn't know how good a various implementations are. Probably none is 100% correct ECMA-357-3. On the other hand, most 2008 browsers (IE7, FF2, Opera 9, etc.) implement ECMA-357 reasonably well. The trouble is DOM, i.e. DOM level 2 and 3 HTML and XML bindings.



See JavaScript links for JavaScript tutorials (lots...)


See ECMAscript for XML

  • Fremantle, Paul and Anthony Elder (1005). AJAX and scripting Web services with E4X, Part 1, IBM Works, HTML

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