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Accoring to [ wikipedia], Instructor Led Training (ILT) “is the practice of training and learning material between an instructor and learners, either individuals or groups. Instructors can also be referred to as a facilitator, who may be knowledgeable and experienced in the learning material, but can also be used more for their facilitation skills and ability to deliver material to learners. Instructors may deliver training in a lecture or classroom format, as an interactive workshop, as a demonstration with the opportunity for learners to practice, or even virtually, using video-conferencing tools; and the instructor may have facilitation and teaching skills, in which they can use different methods to engage learners and embrace different learning styles. Other learning delivery methods include e-learning which delivers self-paced courses online, and blended learning which mixes instructor-led and e-learning elements.”

VILT refers to online instructor led training, i.e. the use of virtual classrooms, mostly video conferencing.