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1 Definition

“According to the British indexing standard (BS3700:1988), an index is a systematic arrangement of entries designed to enable users to locate information in a document. The process of creating an index is called indexing, and a person who does it is called an indexer. There are many types of indexes, from cumulative indexes for journals to computer database indexes. (American Society for Indexing, retrieved 10:25, 15 October 2008 (UTC))”

See also: Citation index and Tagging. Both are kinds of indexing. Related conceptual issues are ontology and metadata

2 Overview

Indexing is an issue that concerns various information and media types. E.g.

  • Indexing web sites
  • Indexing books
  • Indexing on-line documents, such as help files and manuals
  • Indexing file contents of your computer.

3 Software

3.1 For indexing books

Good indexes are always made by humans, but software can help.

  • ???

3.2 For your files

  • Google Desktop Search

4 Links

4.1 General

4.2 Journals

4.3 Indexing books

  • Society of Indexers. “The Society exists to promote indexing, the quality of indexes and the profession of indexing. Explore this site to find out why indexes are important, what makes a good index and what it takes to become an indexer through the Society's distance learning programme. - retrieved 10:25, 15 October 2008 (UTC)”

4.4 Tutorials

5 Bibliography

5.1 General

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5.2 Indexing books

(copied from wikipedia

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