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The Future Classroom Toolkit, formerly iTEC toolkit, is a learning design tool developed in the Innovative Technologies for an Engaging Classroom EU project. It is now integrated into the Future Classroom Lab website that provides information for practitioners and also centralizes related research and development projects such as iTEC.


According to [1], “The toolkit has five toolsets, each with suggestions for workshop activities that support scenario and learning activity development, together with guidance on piloting and evaluation. As well as creating scenarios from scratch, teachers can access exemplars which they could use or adapt.”

“The Future Classroom Toolkit enables teachers, school leaders, education policy-makers and technology suppliers to create and implement Future Classroom Scenarios. A Future Classroom Scenario is a narrative description of teaching and learning that provides a clear vision for innovation and advanced pedagogical practice supported by technology. The toolkit can be used to introduce or scale up innovative use of digital technologies in a school or across a number of schools within an education system. The rationale for this process is to bring about incremental but sustainable change in the education system.” (Future Classroom Toolkit, retr. 3/2019)

The full toolset hierarchy is:

The learning designer tool

See learning designer tool


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